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The Fastest 1 – 99 RuneScape Fletching Guide for Rs3!

Want to get 99 fletching the fastest way possible? Checkout our RuneScape 99 fletching guide below. Get to 99 the fastest and best way possible! In our guide you will spend around 150M to get 99, but you will get it quicker then anyone else. Get 1-99 Fletching in RuneScape easily, within days!

First of all, this is the fastest way to 99 fletching in Rs3. This guide will not make you money on your way to 99. However you will get 99 quickly.


Things you will need-

  • Lots of Time
  • A knife (add to your tool belt to save inventory space.)
  • Money

What are the benefits to fletching?

Fletching is the fastest 99 in Runescape. Achieving it can trim your skill cape that took ages to get. Or you will get a lovely first skill cape in no time. Higher fletching levels can make you some serious money. However, Buy OSRS Gold from MMOearn and save money. Over 150,000 people have achieved 99 fletching. Making it one the most popular 99s in history.

Levels 1-5 Fletching

99 runescape fletching guide






Crafting arrow shafts is the only thing you can do at this point. Buy 78 logs and use your knife on it to craft arrow shafts. Reaching level 5 only takes 3 minutes. You will always make around 3k. Save it for later.

Levels 5-10 Fletching

fastest runescape 99 fletching guide rs3





During levels 5-10 you will string short bows. It’s best to buy bow string and the unstrung short bow in the grand exchange. Use the bowstring in the bow to gain exp. You will need 154 Unstrung Bows and 5 minutes of time. This will cost you around 60k.

Level 10-20 Fletching

1-99 runescape fletching guide 2017







The fastest way from 10-20 fletching is stringing Shield Bows. Simply buy 332 unstrung shield bows and string them. This will only take you around 9 minutes to do. Giving you 150k profit! Again, save this for future leveling.

Levels 20-25 Fletching

fletching oak shortbow







From levels 20-25 you will craft Oak Shortbows. You will need 210 unstrung oak short bows. String them up and you will reach level 25 within 5 minutes. This will also cost you around 75k to do.

Levels 25-35 Fletching

fletching guide







Back to crafting shield bows! This time you will need 583 Oak Shieldbows that are not strung yet. Despite costing almost 250k, you will reach level 35 in 13 minutes. Total time spent so far is under a half hour to reach level 35!

Levels 35-40 Fletching

willow short bow fletching







Gather 444 unstrung Willow short bows now. Either craft them yourself from logs, or buy them. Buying bowstring and unstrung bows is preferred. This will only take you about 10 minutes. But will cost you 200k.

Levels 40-50 Fletching

During levels 40-50 you will be crafting Willow Shield Bows. Yes, back to the good old shield bow. You will need 1,546 of them. Crafting will take around 40 minutes, but you will make 600k! So far you’ve made about 300k from fletching to level 50.

Levels 50-55 Fletching

maple short bow fletching guide





You will need 1,308 Maple Short bows. Total time will be 30 minutes. Fletching maple short bows will also cost you 450k. There goes all your profit so far! Be prepared to spend even more. Also, selling your bows can be hard. No one wants a weak bow.

Levels 55-65 Fletching

Time to fletch Maple Shield Bows! Now we are getting the the higher levels. More money and time is needed. You will need to fletch 4,852 maple shield bows. This will take exactly 2 hours to do. Also, you will lose around 1.5M. That’s right 1,500,000 coins. It’s fast though!

Levels 65-70 Fletching

fastest fletching guide yew short





Time to get serious about fletching. The time and money needed will grow quickly now. Start fletching 4,271 yew short bows. This stage will take you another 2 hours. Generally, most players can achieve 1-70 in a day. Great for increasing total level. Costing 1.2M to reach level 70 from 65.

Levels 70-80 Fletching

yew shield bow rs







Fletching Yew Shield Bows is the best method for reaching level 80. You will need to craft 16,650 bows. Yes over 16k, this is only the tip of the iceberg. You aren’t even half way to 99 yet! Going from 70-80 will cost around 2M. Also, it will take 7 hours.

Levels 80-85 Fletching

magic shortbow







Time to craft the highest log possible! Magic logs. Turn Magic logs into magic short bows. You will need 15,287 Magic short bows. Costing you 15m just to get the supplies. However after you turn them into magic shortbows you will only lose 7M. Reaching 85 will take 6 hours. 

Levels 85-90 Fletching

magic shield bow fletching guide 99







Yes, you’re almost half way done! Start crafting Magic Shield bows. You will need 23,000 of them to reach 90. Crafting the bows from 90 fletching will take 9 hours to do. Bots are looking more like a better option at these levels. Costing around 700k.

Levels 90-95 Fletching

levels 90-95 fletching elder short bow






Requires crafting Elder Short Bows. You will need to make 33,857 elder bows of them to reach 95. This will push you over the half way mark to 99. Now it’s getting incredibly expensive to gain levels quickly. You will loose 108M from 90-95. Taking 14 hours to complete. Roughly spending 7m per hour.


Finally, levels 95-99 Fletching!

fastest fletching exp








Fletching Elder Shield Bows is the fastest Fletching exp in RuneScape! You will need to fletch 36,750 elder shield bows. You’re now on the final stretch of the 1-99 fletching guide. It will take you 17 hours to reach 99 from 95 using this method. Also spending 72m in the process.

Congrats on reaching 99 Fletching as fast as possible!