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MMOearn’s Fastest 1-99 Magic Guide OSRS 2017.

We all know training magic can be a pain. Let us help you out. Both financially in game with gold from MMOearn. Plus giving you this awesome 99 magic guide for osrs. You will spend a lot of rs gold to get 99. However, it will be quick! MMOearn can supply the RS Gold you need! This 1-99 RuneScape Magic Guide 2017 is fully updated for the new year!


The best Methods for Training Magic

1-19 Cast Strike Spells

99 magic guide

Attention Required: Medium

Recommended: Staff of Air, Melee Armour/Magic Robes
Required Items: Runes For the Spell you require.

Xp/Hr varies based on spell and level and also if you’re splashing or not splashing. This shouldn’t take too long. You can get some free runes from the Magic Tutor in Lumbridge to start off, but I recommend buying a few thousand from other players or NPC shops.

Method 1 – Splashing with cast strike on Air Strike you gain around 5-6 Xp per cast the only time you need to re click is when you level up! So this method is very “afk”

Method 2 – Attacking with out splashing is the faster option but also requires more attention unless your using safe zone method from 6-15 Xp per cast on lowest level air strike.

19-33 Curse

osrs magic curse

Attention Required: Medium
Recommended: Staff of Water, Armour Set
Required Items: 2 Water Runes 3 Earth Runes,1 Body Rune per cast

Xp/Hr: 30k+

Equip yourself with a full set of the highest level armour you can wield and whatever you can find to reduce your magic bonuses, bring along a staff of water and use a safespot and cast your curse spell on any npc nearby The goal here is to continually splash on your target we also recommend inside Varrock palace the Monk of Zamorak as there is a very nice metal cage.

Tip: Dragonhide vambraces and stronghold of security boots lower your magic bonus.

Alt: 25-31 Varrock Teleport

varrock teleport

Attention Required: Low
Recommended: Staff of Air
Required Items: 1 Law Rune,1 Fire Rune,3 Air Rune per cast.
Xp/Hr: 50k+

This is far more expensive, however faster and easier. If you really want the fast levels then it would be perfect but not recommended.

Alt: 31-33 Lumbridge Teleport

runescape teleport

Attention Required: Low
Recommended: Staff of Air
Required Items: 1 Earth Rune,1 Law Rune, 3 Air Runes per cast.
Xp/Hr: 60k+

This is identical as doing a varrock teleportation but just a different staff!

33-43 Curse / Telegrab

best rs magic methods

Attention Required: Medium
Recommended: Staff of Water, Armour Set, Weight Reducing Gear
Required Items: 1 Air Rune,1 Law Rune for Telegrab per cast.
Xp/Hr: ~25k

This is where you can start making money. I recommend doing this since it’s easy and profitable however it is less Xp/Hr then just curse-splashing an opponent.
Remember: our main objective is to splash so keep that full set of melee armour equipped.
Tip: Bring along Falador Teleport runes or a teleport tab is you are a member which you can obtain on mmoearn for free to tele back when you have achieved a full inventory of goodies! Also try to reduce your weight as much as possible for faster runs.

Alt: 37-43 Fally Teleport

old school teleport

Attention Required: Low
Recommended: Staff of Air
Required Items: 1 Water Rune,1 Law Rune,3 Air Rune per cast.
Xp/Hr: 70k+

Another quicker, easier way to level up. Again, this is more costly than some of the alternatives.

43-55 Superheat

99 magic osrs guide

Attention Required: Medium
Recommended: Staff of Fire
Required Items: 1 Nature Rune,4 Fire Rune per cast.
Xp/Hr: ~80k (Magic)

Superheating is really good magic experience. we recommend you buy the ores and then sell the bars to achieve the highest profit rate per hour.
Tip: If you have goldsmith gauntlets you can achieve greater experience per cast when superheating gold. – Needs the Family Crest Quest completed.

Alt: 49-55 Enchant shapes

enchant shapes runescape

Attention Required: Medium
Recommended: Fire Staff
Required Items: 5 Fire Rune,1 Cosmic Rune per cast.
Xp/Hr: 50k+

Enchanting is a cheap to do! Head over to the Mage Training Arena near the Duel Arena and head into the Chamber of Enchanting. This is a very cheap and effective way of achieving high experience if you choose to enchant only.

High alching can be one of the best methods to 99 magic as well.

55-80 High Alch

High alching to 99 Magic

Attention Required: Medium
Recommended: Fire Staff
Required Items: 1 Nature Rune,5 Fire Rune and Patience/Tv
Xp/Hr: 75k+

Pretty straight-forward, high-alching is the most used magic training in runescape because it doesn’t need much attention.

55-80 High Alch / Superheat

Attention Required: High
Requirement: Start The Fremennik Isles, The Fremennik Trials
Recommendations: Boots of lightness, Spottier Cape, other weight reducing gear. Fire Staff
Required Items: Cash,Fire Staff,Nature Runes.

Xp/Hr: 80k+ (Magic)

Tip – There is a shop on Jatiszo island that sells gold ore for very cheap, bring along some high alch runes and some gold. head to the shop that sells the gold ore (X marks the spot) and buy all of the stock. The shopkeeper only sells you 5 at a time but it respawns quickly. Superheat all that gold ore into gold bars and while you wait for the stock to respawn cast 4 high alchemy spells. And just Repeat. When your inventory is full run to the nearby bank (remember to alch while running for max efficiency), deposit your gold bars and head back to the shop to repeat the process. 99 magic on RuneScape takes a lot of time from here on out!

Continue reading MMOearn’s 1-99 magic guide on RuneScape!

55-80 High Alch / Curse/Grab

Attention Required: High
Recommend: Staff of Water, negative magic bonus gear
Required Items: Alot of Clicking see above for Runes.
Xp/Hr: 70k+

This method requires a high amount of attention due to the fact of you alching grabbing and splashing with curses. Head to the Zamorak Temple and splash one of the monks till hes in the corner of the altar. Follow the Curse and Alch strategy and then tele-grab the Wine of Zamorak spawn whenever it appears.

Alt: 68-80 Enchant Shapes

Attention Required: Low
Recommended: Mud Staff
Required Items: 10 Earth Runes,1 Cosmic Runes.
Xp/Hr: 70k+

This is the same method as before however you have a better spell now – Level 5 Enchant (dragonstone).

80-87 (or 99) Stun / Alch

99 old school mage

Attention Required: High
Recommended: Mud Staff
Required Items: 1 Soul Runes,12 Water Runes,12 Earth Runes.
Xp/Hr: 200k+

This is the same as Curse/Alch the difference being you have a much better spell Stun which you are able to use. You can also tele-grab whilst doing this to increase the xp per hour.
Tip: Don’t wait for the alch animation to finish, you can cast stun about a second after casting the alch spell.

Alt:87-99 Enchant Shapes

Attention Required: Low
Recommended: Lava Staff
Required Items: 20 Earth Runes,20 Fire Runes,1 Cosmic Runes.
Xp/Hr: 74k+

At level 87 Magic you will unlock the Level 6 Enchantment spell (Onyx). This is the best enchanting spell you can use. Simply follow the enchanting method for duel arena.

86-99 Plank Make

osrs plank make

Attention Required: Low
Recommended: Staff of Earth
Requirement: Lunar Magics.
Required Items: 2 Astral Runes,15 Earth Runes,1 Nature Runes.
Xp/Hr: 100k+

This is fast, cheap xp. For anyone familiar with plank-making there is an extra chat-box approval request per spell cast. Even with the extra click this is quick enough to make it worthwhile doing.
It is possible to make money with this, but it all depends on the prices you pay for your items.

The Fastest Runescape Magic Training Possible

44-99 NightMareZone Magic

nightmare zone fastest magic xp

Attention Required: High
Requirement: 44+ Magic Some Defence and Decent Armour
Required Items: Runes Provided at Nightmare Zone
Xp/Hr: 50-150k+

This method is very fast plus costs nothing. You make money doing this so this is the perfect method for anyone who is looking to train and make gold.  Earn alot of rs money while training your magic. Plus this minigame is safe, if you die you keep everything. Furthermore Checkout other MMOearn RuneScape Guides.

Tip – 2 players + is a easier way to get the max xp per hour here. Find a friend!