MMOearn 99 Prayer Guide 2017!

99 prayer runescape fast osrs

Here at MMOearn we recommend you use ensouled heads please see the guide below on them. Please remember you will need magic for these but they work out cheaper and better xp! Have fun with prayer, it isnt one of the longest skills but it is one of the fastest! You can earn all the gold for free for oldschool runescape or runescape 3 from Please read our 99 prayer guide for runescape carefully.

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Best Methods to 99 Prayer For RS


Attention Required:
Xp Rate: X 1
Bones Per Hour: 3.5K


Attention Required:
Xp Rate: X 4
Bones Per Hour: 250


Attention Required:
Xp Rate: X 1
Bones Per Hour: 1.4K


Regular Bones

Xp per hour: 22k
Hours to 99: 590

Big Bones

Xp per hour: 74k
Hours to 99: 175

Dragon Bones

Xp per hour:353k (400k+ with auto keys not advised)
Hours to 99: 37

Ensouled Heads !

I have put these in a spreadsheet with live updates on prices!

Ensouled Heads Price Guide