Best ways to always get credits for RuneScape Gold!

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Occasionally you will complete an offer and it may not award you credits. What the hell is going on? Do not worry we are here to help, if you don’t get credits we go offline! MMOearn cannot validate offers you do, we do not own anything you may do/buy.

First of all, always have any ad blocking software disabled.

This goes for every single page an offer may lead you too. If you are doing a survey, you will have to click threw many pages to get to the end. If you have an adblocker software you may need to disable it and refresh every page. Yes, that’s very annoying, but it blocks the software that triggers your credits being awarded too. MMOearn recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers when doing offers. If you have adblocker installed on say Google Chrome use firefox. And vise-versa. This will make your earnings skyrocket.

Secondly, Interact with the offer highly.

To interact with an offer highly means to do everything you can possible can on that site, survey or App. Always read the description under the offers and on the first page it leads you too. Generally, you always have to do more then stated. If you’re doing an app and it just says install. Don’t just install it, create an account, click around the app, use it for a minute or two.

This goes for all offers. Always do more then stated on surveys and any website offers. This is the best way to guarantee you get credits for RuneScape gold quickly.  

Finally, always enter good information to get credits for surveys/website offers.

Understanding that you need to enter good information when doing any offer is key to getting your credits. Often, surveys especially, an offer will ask you a similar question a different way looking for the same answer. If you enter it wrong you will not get credits. This is their test for real information. Also some websites may access your cookies from previous browsing sessions, looking for what names you used there. It’s best to clear your cookies prior to doing offers, it won’t effect you much during daily browsing.

If you choose to enter in false information, always remember it. Do not click threw a survey or any offer randomly, entering in random info. If you want credits quickly always do the offer as if you searched for it and want to do it. A survey may be boring, but if done correctly you can get crazy quick RSGP. The same goes for every offer you do at MMOearn. Even low rewarding offers will add up quickly.

Check out the earn credits page to get credits for runescape gold!