Jagex has finally done it! A ballista Rework.

heavy ballista

Jagex has two ballistas currently in osrs. Both are alright weapons, more for show then anything. The heavy ballista is far more common then the light ballista. Everyone loves it, so jagex felt the Light Ballista needed some work.

In order to bring the two closer together they updated the light ballista heavily. Now it provides a massive 110 Range Attack Bonus. You will need a range of at least level 65 to use this weapon. No quests are needed. The light ballista is now perfect for lower level players looking for a good ranged weapon.

What happens to the heavy ballista?

Don’t fear! Fans of the heavy ballista will see its stats increase. However, a new quest is needed to wield it, plus higher ranged. The new heavy ballista requires 75 ranged and the completion of Monkey Madness 2.

Yes, that is a steep requirement. Since you need to do two quests to get. Money Madness and Monkey Madness 2. Both quests, let’s be honest, are long and tedious. However the new ballista should be worth it.

When you complete the two quests and achieve 75 ranged you will unlock this great weapon. It now carries a massive +125 ranged bonus and +15 ranged strength. Making it one of the best, free, weapons in the game.

All current ballistas will be replaced with the new updated versions. If you have one in your bank or inventory it has been upgraded to these new stats.

More Shortcuts Added!

agility shortcut

Who doesn’t love a good shortcut in RuneScape? I don’t think anyone can say they don’t. Increasing agility really allows you to play the game far quicker. Making leveling and money making far easier. Agility is really one of the most underrated skills in RS.

Now enjoy a new Taverly shortcut to enter or exit the lesser demons quicker.  Players with 63 agility can now access a broken fence right next to the lesser demons. Making the trip to and from them 50% quicker. Getting your agility up to train here would be advised.

Also there’s a new Cosmic Altar shortcut! Rejoice all you RuneCrafters. Well it’s not really a new shortcut. It’s been in Zanaris for awhile now. But you needed to do two agility obstacles to pass. Now it’s just one simple obstacle. The agility requirement still remains at 66. You should be able to get Cosmic runes faster. Their price is to high anyway.

New Barrows Rewards Counter!

barrows rewards counter

Ah barrows is just awesome in osrs. Easy money if you have the right levels to go threw it quickly. Plus the right quests to make the trips all the more faster. However, barrows was always very secretive about how much of a reward you will get.

It was based off kill count. However jagex never made a statement saying kill count passed the main barrows brothers did anything. Now you can know with 100% certainty. Finally we have a Rewards Potential Calculator. Giving you great insight into what you may get. Raise the counter up to 100% for a shot at the maximum payout.

As we know though, barrows is still highly random. You can still get junk at 100%.

New Seers Ring!

The classic seers ring is getting a massive update. People who like Mage will love this update. If you enjoyed the seers ring before you’ll love it now. Featuring a great 50% increase in stats. Now insteaf of +4 Magic Attack bonus it will give you +6. Yes the imbued form is advanced too. Increasing the stats from +8 bonus to +12 MAB.

The new ring will be a massive hit with anyone who likes to use mage. Buy one now, im sure the price will skyrocket soon!

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