Jagex’s plans for December Rs Updates 2016! AKA Behind the Scenes December 2016.december rs updates

We all love new updates to RuneScape. Jagex always try to out do the previous year these days. Since 2016 is winding to end very quickly, far too quickly imo. They are pushing some great last minute updates for the year.

The story so far has been very sublime.

Sliske – after killing Guthix and shaking up all the gods by promising the Stone of Jas to the winner of his mad game is now preparing for the final showdown. In this unforgettable finale, you’ll see all the RuneScape gods and battle winners come face to face once again as their scores are compared. These include: Vorago, Armadyl, Saradomin, Seren…and a mayve some secret guests all wait to see who’s come out on top.

With so many cool different outcomes depending on your initial choices, parts of the quest will be replayable, allowing you to experience the full story. Finally, we’ll find out Sliske’s motives and discover the real puppet master behind the scenes.

The ending is quite something, a fitting conclusion for this year’s major storyline. The world will never be the same again.

Rewards are suitably – well – rewarding for a story of this magnitude. There’s plenty of new off-hand and jewelry items that help enhance your non-combat skilling, plus an XP orientated set bonus when they are all worn together. For the lore fans this quest is positively dripping with story – just read EVERYTHING you find. Oh, and there’s a very healthy, god-sized chunk of XP, too.

This really is a fantastic storyline – starting from Missing, Presumed Death and the action in the Empyrean Citadel. They’ve helped organised heists in Dishonor among thieves. Reunited with dead allies in Nomad’s Elegy, tried to free the Barrows Brothers in Kindred Spirits and only last month. Revisited Freneskae to thwart plans to create a new universe in Children of Mah.

Each part of this amazing quest chain is required to engage in Sliske’s Endgame – it’s a superb journey featuring some of the most popular quests of all time, and we hope you enjoy this momentous conclusion.

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Try and catch your breath and mind after Sliske’s rollercoaster ride, definitely not chill out and bask in the Christmas spirit? Jagex kindly provided a full calendar of event for you. Just check out the Christmas tab on the community interface. We’ve got:

  • A specially themed, 15-year anniversary Christmas event in which you can take a nostalgic trip to many of your favorite Christmas events from previous years… with an interesting new twist. Expect a bunch of Christmas-themed skilling activities and cosmetic rewards when you complete it. THIS IS AMAZING!!!
  • The Festive Aura is back, giving a bonus 50% XP, with a 50k cap, every day. Totally worth it.
  • They have 6 Winter Weekends starting in December and continuing well into January, offering bonus rewards for the Arc and skilling, bossing and slayer, clue scrolls, mini games, Player-Owned Ports and Dungeoneering.
  • There’s an Advent Calendar too, with a new prize on offer each and every day, with plenty of ways to catch up if you miss a day while you’re off Christmas shopping. Keep an eye out for daily freebies like elite skilling outfit pieces and spring cleaners – they’ll be on Treasure Hunter too!
  • And there’s plenty of community orientated activities too, with Christmas challenges and winter sweepstakes and competitions too. Check us out on social media for more information.

Finally, don’t forget this year’s outstanding Premier Club – filled with unique rewards and membership deals. Stay tuned for more December rs updates.

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Jagex – whatever you play, have fun doing it.