Behind the scenes of Old school runescape and rs3!

This month brings some exciting changes to runescape. Tons of new updates for new and old players. New rewards, quests, gear and much more! Jagex really started this year off the right way. Tons of great updates and new features are being added constantly. Let’s take a look at what’s going on this month in runescape.

First of all, everyone loves double exp weekend! Double xp weekend is happening this month. Get the levels you need even quicker. But don’t forget to start stock piling supplies for the future. Prices will skyrocket as it nears for many raw materials. This will start on the 17th of February. Just two weeks away.

Brand new veteran cape will be released! Playing runescape for over 15 years gets you a new amazing cape and emote. To show off to the world just how awesome you really are. Playing for 15 years is a massive milestone. If you were a member the whole time you paid over $1,000 to play old school runescape or rs3. You played both during the times they happened actually.

New skill cape perks are here! When you reached 99 in a runescape skill before you never got anything besides the cape. The cape was cool, had a nice look and a great emote. Unfortunately the cape gave decent combat stats but no other real innovation. Today marks the day that all changes! Everyone who has a skill cape now gets a great new bonus! Each skill cape now has a perk for that individual skill. The herblore cape, for example, cleans all grimy herbs.

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