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MMOearn’s Best 1-99 Runecrafting Guide, The Fastest Methods.

Runecrafting can be one of the worst skills to train. It’s slow, painful and slightly dangerous. RC has never been a skill people enjoy training, but the benefits of 99 are great. The Runecrafting skill cape is one of the coolest in the game. Plus you can make 800K+ Per Hour after 92. Continue reading for MMOearn’s Best 1-99 Runecrafting guide with the fastest methods.

99 rc guide fast

Items Needed To Reach 99 Runecrafting Fast!

Items needed: Rune Essence, Pure Essence, Amulet of Glories, Rings of Dueling. For the abbys bring a pickaxe (Higher mining level is best). Plus bring magic resilient armor, always bring the proper tiara.

Quests That Get You Runecrafting XP.

Not all of you will meet the requirements for these quests. However, if you can and have a very low runecrafting these will help you a lot.

-Lunar Diplomacy Awards 5,000 xp.

-The Eyes of Glourphie Awards 6,000 xp.

-Level 30 RC: Slug of Menace grants you 3,500 xp.

-Level 35 RC: What Lies Below gives you 8,000 xp

-Level 50 RC: Devious Minds will award you 5,000 xp upon completion.

Runecrafting Fastest Training Methods

Levels 1-9 Create Air Runes

air altar location

The air altar is incredibly close to the Falador. Just run south of the east bank, threw the gate and take a right. It’s in the middle of the forest on your way to the crafting guild. Remember to have an air tiara or talisman with you! You will need to enter the Air Altar. Simple click your rune essence and use them on the altar.

Tip: Bring Falador Teleports for Faster Banking!

Levels 9-14 Create Earth Runes

earth altar location

Crafting earth runes is much quicker then air runes. It is worth teleporting over to varrock to start these new runes.

Earth runes grant 6.5 experience. You should have your small pouch from the abyss. It will take you 6 inventories to reach 14 from 9. Taking about 8 minutes. Find the earth altar just north of varrock east bank. Our the gate, up the path and to the left.

Levels 14-44 Create Fire Runes.

fire altar

Once you reach 14 your runecrafting xp will explode! The best way to create fire runes is using rings of dueling. These will enable you to teleport just south of the altar. Then back to the castle wars bank!

The altar is located just north west of the duel arena spawn location. If you don’t have the money for this, you can just run the bank. It has the same speed as air runes. Granting 7 exp each fire rune you make.

Levels 44-54 Create Nature Runes.

nature runecrafting

This is when runecrafting finally becomes profitable. Very profitable. Crafting nature runes has been making people tons of gold for ages. We recommend using the abyss and your best pouch. For max xp and results.

The altar is located in Karamja. Just north of Shilo village.

You can make at least 100-200gp per nature rune you make usually. Making this a great way to level and make rs gold!

Levels 54-59 Craft Law Runes

law altar

Crafting law runes is a great way to make money. Not as good as nature runes, but still highly lucrative. Plus the xp for creating law runes is way better.

You will get 408.5xp per inventory or 9.5xp each rune. If you have your abyss pouches. Or use the balloon transport methods to entrana. Run to the northeast section.

You need to complete Troll Stronghold to craft law runes here!

Levels 59-77 Create Double Cosmic Runes

cosmic altar

Cosmic runes are great money and amazing xp. Even better then law runes. You will need to use the abyss. Crafting cosmic runes anyway else is a sin. It just takes too long.

You can get up to 96 cosmic runes per inventory. Giving you 6,400xp.

Levels 77-90 Create Blood Runes.

blood altar

Crafting blood runes get you up to 45k xp per hour! To craft blood runes you must gain 100% favour with Arceuus House. He’s located in great kourend.

You need to craft your own dense essence blocks. From the dense essence mine. Then you use the blocks on the Dark Altar. This will give you the ability to use the altar. You can get millions of mining and crafting xp on your to 90 runecrafting. You are almost to the final part of our 99 runecrafting guide.

Levels 90-99 Create Soul Runes

soul altar

You can get up to 50k xp per hour crafting soul runes. Once again you must gain 100% favor in the eyes of Arceuus. You will make even more money off soul runes then death runes. Making the switch to them for 99 can be beneficial.

Levels 91-99 Double Nature Runes

double nature runes best runecrafting method

Truly the best thing to do if you have the proper summoning level and quests. Using the abyss with the best pouches and a yak can give you tons of xp per hour. Over 60K is possible. Plus you will make roughly 300k-500k per hour.

On your way to 99 runecrafting you will make around 145M! Every player with 99 rc has a lot of gold. They can easily make it from 91 plus earned a ton just to get 99.

You will need to craft 793,000 pure essence. Into 1,586,100 nature runes. Buy the pure essence now and watch your wealth sore!

If you liked this guide please checkout our other guides! We have an awesome 99 magic guide for osrs. Hopefully this 99 runecrafting guide has helped you level. Or at least give some guidance.