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What Is The Best Combat Class In RS?

combat triangle

When it comes to playing rs it can be difficult to decide what class to choose. Choosing a class is thankfully never permanent. Unlike games like world of warcraft you can do ever class on one account. Without the need for creating a whole new account just to access certain features. Rotating classes is very common. Even during combat. It can be very effective to use switch between melee and magic. So What is the best combat class in rs?

Let’s review the pros and cons of each combat class below.

Melee is the most popular option.

Most new players will fall into using melee because it doesn’t cost anything. Magic and Ranged cost money every time you attack. Thus, making it easier to level and access new features of the game quicker. Which is the main goal of course. The highest damage possible can also be dealt by using melee. This is true for both RS3 and OSRS. Rs3 has become more balanced however. At first, melee dominated the other two classes. Making them practically useless. When you play osrs the game is heavily melee favored. Since the armor to increase range and magic bonus make it easier to hit. You can’t always keep your distance in a fight.

Magic is the most useful option. 

Magic can allow you to almost always maintain distance from a monster. A player is a different story. However, when dealing with anything that is using melee magic can keep it at bay. Using the range of freeze spells. The best being Ice Barrage in the Ancient book. This will freeze a player or npc for 10 seconds.

Training with magic can be costly though. Getting 99 magic can cost millions upon millions. Good thing MMOearn exists so you can get all your gold for free. Using melee is far more efficient for leveling life points and defense. But magic spells do great damage against players with melee armor. The same goes for melee players unfortunately. If you’re great at using spells and moving to keep distance from a melee opponent, it can be the best combat style.

Range hits higher and allows for some distance.

Rangers are extremely effective against magers. Arrows go threw mage armor like a hot knife threw butter. Plus range armor absorbs spells well, making magic deal little damage. Also freeze spells have no effective since a ranger can still attack. Melee can do great damage to range armor. Using range armor is only slightly better then magic armor. But you cannot keep yourself at a distance like mage can. Often times in a pvp fight, you will be right next to a melee opponent.

Range can deal great damage to melee opponents. Certain special attacks and enhancements can really bring out it’s full potential. The lack of good armor and distance can take away from this. Since melee has good armor against range plus strong hits.

In conclusion, the best class is the one you feel like using. What type of person are you? Someone who is a little stand offish, or do you want to get right up in a players face? The combat classes play well into different personalities. Choose the option that best suites you. Consider the words above though, they each have their positives and negatives. Overall the combat classes are pretty well balanced if used properly.