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The Best OSRS Armour Setup Currently Available 2017!

ultimate armor setup old school runescape

First you must understand the best setup is debatable. The armor you use to enhance your players offense and defense, can vary depending on what you need it for. Armor has to be stronger against crush, slash or stab. Depending on what a player is wearing or what a monsters weakness is. Below we will show you the best osrs armor setup for defense purposes. This will give you the overall highest defense stats possible.

We will review the best armor for slash. It’s the most popular attack method in Runescape. Making this armor setup the most useful when doing PvM or PVP.

You will need at least 75 defense in RS to use everything.

Helmet: Torag’s, Guthan’s or Verac’s Helmet.


best osrs armour setup helm






All of these fine helmets come with a massive +58 slash bonus. These helmets also provide the highest bonuses for all head slots. Requiring 70 defense and several million osrs gold to be worn.

Necklace: Amulet of Fury!

best osrs amulet







The good old amulet of fury never fails! It is one of the best amulets in the game for anything you want to do. Requiring absolutely zero levels to wear, it gives you +15 slash defense bonus. This amazing amulet comes at a great cost however.

Body: Torag’s, Guthan’s or Dharok’s Plate body.

best osrs platebody





Barrows armor is just fantastic when it comes to defense. Never hesitate to buy it if you monsters keep hitting. It will save you a ton on food and time using it. These plate body’s will give you +120 slash defense bonus.

Legs: Verac’s Skirt





Dharok and Guthans have the same slash defense bonus. However, verac’s provides a prayer bonus. Making it worthwhile to use when training or bossing. 70 Defense is required, like all barrows armor. This will give you a +82 Slash Bonus defense.

Boots: Primordial boots

best old school runescape boots





The best boots in the game! Count yourself lucky if you can afford these. MMOearn has all the osrs gold you can buy though. Costing many millions they are for sure worth it. +22 slash defense bonus. These sweet kicks require 75 strength and defense to wear.

Cape: Fire Cape

best osrs cape setup bonus







You should be wearing a fire cape already. If you didn’t get one yet, don’t wait! They look truly amazing and have some killer stats. Yes it can be hard to get one, but keep trying until you do. +11 slash defense bonus. You need to complete the Fight Caves Waves to use it. Which means getting fairly high levels.

Shield: Dragonfire Shield

Dragonfire shield best osrs shield







Dragonfire shields are worth the money. They look really cool and no shield provides better defense all around. You must have it fully charged to receive it’s full +75 slash defense bonus. Just get 75 defense to be able to equip it.

Gloves: Barrows Gloves

best 2007 runescape gloves





These gloves are the toughest part of the best osrs armor setup. You need a whopping 175 Quest points. Plus you need to complete Recipe for Disaster. These gloves are no joke and provide incredible bonuses. Really only for hardcore RuneScape players though. +12 slash defense bonus.

Ring: Ring of Suffering (i)

Zenyte Ring osrs





The best defense ring in the game right now. When you first get one it will give you a +10 defense bonus. However just imbue the ring via the Nightmare Zone and you will double it’s powers to +20 defense bonus. Requiring 75 hitpoints to wear.


Add all of these bonuses and you end up at 415 defense slash bonus! Not to mention you will also  have crazy high crush and stab resistance too. But not you will incredibly low defense to magic. The best osrs armor setup will block Range and Melee, but not magic. Be aware. Good luck playing the game! Now you know the very best osrs armour setup.