A Short Guide on the best way to get credits on MMOearn

best way to get credits on mmoearn

Getting credits on MMOearn can be tricky for some people, and incredibly easy for others.

First of all you must realize that MMOearn does not own any offers you do. We post the offers from third-parties who award you credits. MMOearn has no control over awarding users credits, offer completion is decided by the offerwalls. The offerwalls consist of; Persona, Offertorro, AdgateMedia and AdscendMedia. MMOearn does not own these companies, we are partnered with them to provide content.

Now that you know MMOearn doesn’t control when you’re awarded we can tell you the best way to go about getting rewarded.

Second of all you need to be around the right age. If you’re rather experienced with computers and know how to play RuneScape you should be able to complete offers fairly easily. People living in the USA, Europe and Australia have the most offers. This does not mean these are the only areas where users get a lot of credits for RSGP.  Every country on earth has at least one offer. The previously mentioned areas have hundreds. Giving users who live these areas a great advantage over users who don’t.

The best way to to get credits on MMOearn varies depending on your style. When I says style I mean, how do you like to do offers? Are you more of a click a bunch of stuff and hopefully it goes threw kind of person. Or more of someone who actually takes their time and does an offer correctly.  If you are the first type of user then we highly recommend looking for website service offers. Such as hotel searches, a new browser addon any web related offer that’s free can generally be done easily with little effort. However this can result in less credits per offer.

Furthermore surveys can be done by users who do offers correctly. This means answering survey questions at least semi correctly. These users remember all answers they put and click on ads along the way. Since you should already know to have it disable always. If you rush threw pages or answer similar questions differently the survey will know you’re lying. This is one major reason you may not be rewarded.

The best types of offers are paid, but apps and surveys are a close second.

Take a moment to read over the FAQ if you have any other question regarding how MMOearn operates.

Surveys and apps are great offers to do for absolutely free. They are the most popular here at MMOearn by a long shot. Paid offers however can offer an amazing amount of gold for little to no money. Users in Europe can enjoy gambling offers. A common offer is to bet 5 Euro or more and get 2000 credits, which can be exchanged for 18m osrs. However surveys and apps can add up quickly if you just make sure to act like you want to do it. Sure you’re just trying to get RuneScape Gold but you need to want to do the offer correctly to get it. Try your best and be sure to read the top of the earn credits page for future updates.