MMOearn’s best ways to make money in RS. Part 1

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Merchanting in Runescape is a phenomenal way to make money without really doing much. It is one of the best ways to make money in rs. But you’re wondering to yourself how could I get started? I need money to make money!!! Which means you need to either skill for hundreds of hours, spend a fortune on Runescape GP or… Spend an hour on MMOearn to get your bankroll started…

The smartest way of getting started is jumping on MMOearn, making some quick money and starting your adventure. Once you have a decent amount you could get started.

One of the first things you have to ask yourself is what type of merchant will you be? Are you an opportunist, long term trader or short term? Each one of these has their own method of trading.

The opportunist trader keeps an eye out for updates that may make items that weren’t of any real value in the past valuable. This type of merchant will do lots of research on demand and possible projects being worked on by Jagex and are close to being implemented. For example, this type of merchant will discover Jagex is implementing a new quest where the demand for bronze daggers will sky rocket so in return he or she will buy daggers or the materials necessary to make them before the update. Once the update comes out, everyone will try buying them.

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The law of supply and demand will kick in. One of the best ways to make money in rs.

If you invested 100 million and the item went up 400% you just quadrupled your money! Not too bad right? And of course while your money was working for you, you were skilling and on MMOearn at the same time making more money!

The next type of merchant is a short term trade.

The short term trader is like a day trader, he takes a small profit of everything and does it multiple times a day, and he’s more concerned with quantity than quality. The short term trader will buy 100 mill worth of stuff, wait for it to gain 5% and then sell it back making him a quick 5 mill then move on to the next item. This is a great strategy but also riskier because the market could go against you turning your 100mill into 95 mill. Lots of action and a decent return with this strategy.

Last but not least, the long term trader.. This is someone who is confident, patient and usually has more money in the bank to be able to sit on items for weeks if not months at a time. This type of merchant usually buys high ticket items like rares, weapons and special armor, uses them and depends on the laws of economics for people to lose their rares and more demand over time. This has a fair rate of return on investment and the chance to be able to use the item basically for free + interest yields.

We encourage you to try all three of these methods and see which works best for you as a merchant. Of course in an effort to build your wealth we recommend skilling and multitasking on MMOearn to maximize your money. Overtime your bank will grow significantly, of course rome wasn’t built in one day. Effort and working smart and efficiently will ultimately get you to your goal. We want to tag along with you on your journey and help you. Please help spread the wealth by telling your friends about us and help us grow! The more we grow the more we can offer you.