Zulrah RuneScape Guide


Zulrah is a level 725 snake that was released on 8 January 2015. He is a solo-only boss, meaning players cannot fight this boss in teams. He can only be attacked with Melee by use of a halberd for minimal damage. Players should instead attack with Ranged and/or Magic.  Enjoy MMOearn’s Zulrah RuneScape Guide

The solo-boss gained immense popularity over the last year because of the fact that profits can add up to over 2M Rsgp an hour. Without even getting any rare drops! Leading it to be one of the best ways to make gold in game.

Still a lot of experienced Runescape players aren’t able to kill Zulrah properly since it can takes hours to learn it properly to even start making any coins. MMOearn is still a far more effective source of buying RuneScape Gold, our gold is always free.

How Zulrah Works

Zulrah has 4 different spawns/rotations and 3 different attack forms. The best strategy to get your first Zulrah kill is to focus on one rotation only instead of focusing on all the four rotations. A lot of players died over 50 times before getting their first kill. Simply because they have to focus on way too many rotations without even any experience with the boss. To prevent losing alot of Runescape gold you should study one rotation at a time.

Zulrah’s first spawn will always be the same form in the same location, after this form it will spawn randomly in to one of the four rotations. To prevent having one of the rotations you aren’t familiar with simply log out after the first form. You will not be killed once you log back in. (Keep repeating this until you get the rotation you would like to have) After practicing all the rotations you should upgrade your armour to get even faster kills.

Getting Fast Zulrah Kills

Getting the fastest Zulrah kills as possible is highly recommended to maximize your profits. Using Magic and Range gear is an absolute must. People using only magic or range gear won’t be able to get any fast kills. Always try to get the best attack bonus for Magic and Ranged. The Trident of The Seas and Toxic Blowpipe are for sure the best weapons to use at Zulrah because all  the weapon charges are free while killing Zulrah. Using the Dark Bow special and Vengeance is not a requirement but it will increase your kill speed for sure.