New RuneScape Carols Christmas Event!

Did anyone see the new old school news headline? Looks to be pretty cool for all players. Tons of rewards for doing a super fun holiday event. Let’s take a quick look at Jagex’s newest holiday event. The new Runescape Carol’s Christmas event.

carols christmas runescape

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Christmas is always the best time of year for RS related events. They pump out tons of them, especially this year. Setting a record for events you can do and prizes you could potentially win. Bringing back even the oldest players, for at least a sense of nostalgia. That’s always priceless. New users will find the events fun and engaging. Jagex truly tries to top themselves every year. Sometimes they don’t event come close. However, this year is much different.

Carol’s Christmas Event RS!

Go to just noth of port sarim to locate the start of this holiday event. Of course just look for the big Christmas present on your map. You can find all holiday events this way.

Apparantly, trolls making christmas gifts are under immense torment and ridicule! Workers laws don’t exist in the harsh world of RS. The trolls are are their wits end with their evil boss, carol. Carol has goals set by some unknown source, not santa. Santa isn’t this evil…or is he? Anyway she works the trolls to the bone to meet the holiday demand. Talk to the trolls and they will tell you their sad story. Talking to carol will only be met with a get the hell out of here message.

If you help the trolls there can be great rewards. The tasks aren’t hard. A 2 year old could do them surely. The whole event takes about 15 minutes, if that.

Carol’s Christmas Rewards.

Tons of rewards are available from this event! The best thing is the giant present you can carry around. Also a big santa sack. Yes you can get santas sack all over your back now!

Other rewards include but are not limited to:

2x Santa hat
2x Christmas cracker
2x White partyhat
2x Blue partyhat
2x Green partyhat
2x Purple partyhat
2x Yellow partyhat
2x Red Partyhat
Black partyhat
Rainbow partyhat
Jester hat & scarf
Bobble hat & scarf
Tri-Jester hat & scarf
Woolly hat & scarf
Anti-Santa outfit
Santa outfit
Wintumber tree
Reindeer hat
Black santa hat
Inverted santa hat

You can get all previous event’s rewards upon completion. Stay styling all year long.