Community Page Update

community page update


This is another long over due community page update.

MMOearn users may now click on the ‘community’ page located in the header. (At the very top where you see your name and credits) Here you will find the brand new community page. As you can see it is a drastic departure from the old one. You will enjoy the new changes.

The only MMOearn community page was rather crappy. Yes we I will admit that. It did indeed serve its purpose. However, we hope the new community page bolsters user engagement. Not only with MMOearn but with each other as well. MMOearn would love to see users making friends and helping one another in the forums.

The forums can be used for many things.

We have the General Discussion: Which you can talk about anything you want really. We assume it will be mostly RuneScape related.

Then we have Giveaways and News: Here we will obviously be posting the latest giveaways and updates to MMOearn. We hope anyone who is interested in future updates will look here from time to time. We constantly update MMOearn. Be on the lookout for more free runescape gold opportunities.

Introductions are fairly simple to understand I think. If you want you can introduce yourself to us (the moderators) and the community as a whole. We highly encourage you to do this before using the forums or at least sometime.

Further more you can use the Marketplace to trade RuneScape Gold, Accounts or In – Game services. We do not offer protection on any sales located in the forums unless specified. Buyer beware! Always look four vouches and reviews of past experience. This goes for any forum. Always be smart when soliciting a service or item.

At Proof and Feedback you can post your orders in exchange for even more credits! MMOearn awards anyone who spreads the word or reviews our site. This goes for anything. Make a video for MMOearn you will get credits. Put our site link on a forum you will get credits. We will be uploading another MMOearn wall specifically for this in the future.

Finally Report a bug. Post any glitches or things you think are wrong with MMOearn here. We want to make sure everyone gets as much Runescape gold as possible.

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community page update