Big Deadman Finale Changes Coming

Jagexdeadman finale 2016 published how the deadman finale event will work, finally. Before it was all talk, no mechanics were mentioned at all. Only if you watched RS videos from jagex, would you know any details. Here are some of the deadman finale changes. Well, more like how it will function. Get ready to play hardcore style.

Remember it starts at 12pm GMT on Monday December 12th. Be there are be square noobs.

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New Rule Changes to the Deadman Finale 2016

First this will work by utilizing a fog system. The fog will act as the visual reference for safe areas and combat areas. 99% of the world
will be covered in fog at the start of the event. You will then be given the location of the 1% that isn’t covered with fog. It will slowly start to expand from here.

Players in a combat area are given a teletab that you need to use to teleport to a safe zone. You only have 5 minutes to do this however. The fog will then be released and you will no longer be safe.

5 minutes after players are notified of the final zone, the fog shrinks quickly. It’s rate increases dramatically. Far quicker then in previous tournaments. This will push players to the final area.

After 15 minutes, a pre-final alert will pop up. This will enable a 10 minute timer that pushes you to enter the final area of battle. As we like to call it the Dead Zone. If you don’t enter the final area there will be no place left for you. The fog will consume your soul and void you $10,000.

The final phase of the deadman finale of winter 2016

Next, 20 minutes of constant combat. Anyone who survives now fights in a pit to the bitter end. At least 100 will be in the final phase. Insuring a good fight viewable on the Twitch stream rs setup. Furthermore if a tie should occur, player with the most kills will win. Thus insuring a fair outcome.

However it remains to be seen how Jagex will stop cheaters. It’s safe to say with $10,000 on the line, there may be cheaters. Be sure to checkout the twitch stream.

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