Holy cow! Has anyone seen the new massive RuneScape deadman mode giveaway?

$10,000 to the last DeadMan Mode player alive. This is really unprecedented. Deadman mode gets huge prize update was posted Nov 11, 2016. Let’s check it out!

deadman mode gets huge prize


It’s formally known as The Winter Invitational. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jagex chose to do it now. Since everyone will be inside playing games and not outside enjoying the sun. That’s the best time to do a publicity stunt for a MMO game.

For the first time ever Jagex is offering a $10,000 prize.

10 GRAND to a lucky RS player. The event takes place over five days, only 2,000 are allowed to enter. Reserving your spot early is used to prevent fraud I suppose.

Since fraud might be easily possible. Since you cannot re spawn when you die from your IP address. Users could, in theory, spoof their IP and make a new account to join the action again.

It’s Live Streamed!

You can enjoy watching the last few hours of action on December 23rd. The stream will probably start around mid-day the final day of the competition. To try and catch as many people as possible, of course. I’m sure all timezone can watch it.

RuneScape has partnered with ESL once again. 80 lucky people can attend a party to watch the final moments unfold. That’s pretty cool. Party with fellow Scaper’s all night!

You can watch the livestream on the official RuneScape Twitch Channel. Just search for them, no link needed.

It’s very rare to see Jagex doing this type of thing. They never have in the past. However, a changing media landscape that is shifting more to unconventional advertising sources plagues Jagex. Jagex does not do any publicity stuns. This $10,000 prize is to get on the facebook news feed, or tend on Twitter. Pushing more users to buy membership.

Furthermore this deadman mode giveaway is also really cool, despite the blatant publicity stunt. So don’t forget to try your luck. You may just be one of the lucky 2,000 to join. However, only one can win! Always try your best.


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