Introducing Dragon Chests Rewards for RuneScape in 2017!

If you are thinking of buying runescape gold think again! MMOearn has it for no cost. Get osrs and rs3! Dragon chests in runescape are an amazing new update released just now. Get great rewards super fast and easily.

You can use dragon chests from treasure hunter on January 19th through the 23rd! You open your annoying icon in the top of left of runescape. Then you need to use keys, which can be bought or earned, to spin the wheel. Landing on a normal dragon chest is your only option at first.

Normal dragon chests have okay loot. You need to land on a normal chest and open it for a shot at rarer dragon chests. You may need to open several normal chests to reach the dragon chests.

From there you have four levels of prizes. Each better then the last. Jagex really has gone above and beyond to provide good prizes. Since 99% of you will need to pay money for keys to get anything good. But, never underestimate luck! You could be the lucky sole that gets an insane reward.

Rewards From Dragon Chests

As with the previous dragon chests the rewards are unchanged. However, you will notice the rate at which they appear has increased. Rewards last year were few and far between. Making many players consider dragon chests a scam. Let’s see how this year goes and come to our own conclusions.

The four levels of prizes for dragon chests.

Adamant, you can get adamant gear and weapons. Not too great but good for a new player.

Runite, only slightly better then the adamant prize. Really only aimed at new users and prize fillers.

Dragon, now we are getting somewhere. Dragon prizes can be worth a good amount of gold when sold.

God prizes. Last but not least is god rewards! Get god armor and god swords in the prize tier. You can win up to 5 god prizes.

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