Dragon Claws Have Been Released for OSRS!

Wow, what an amazing update for the new year. Dragon claws are immensely popular, or were, in Runescape 3. In fact they were so popular when they first came out Jagex had to nerf them. Reducing their power slightly. Even with the adjustment dragon claws are still one of the best special attack weapons in the game.

Dragon claws are very special because there special attack is powerful. The special attack, slice and dice, can hit four times. In just under 2 seconds you will hit your opponent four times. The special attack is based on a very simple formula. When you use the special attack, the first hit you see will be 100% damage. That will be your maximum damage during the special attack. The second hit with be 50% of the first. Meaning if you first hit a 20 you would then hit a 10. The third and fourth hits  will add up to what your second hit dealt.

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An example of damage during the special attack:

  • First Hit- 22
  • Second Hit- 11
  • Third Hit- 5
  • Fourth Hit- 6

As you can see you really want that first hit to count. Even if it ends up dealing little damage, you still have one more use. The d claws’ special attack can be used twice, back to back even. Making them all the more lethal you anyone you are up against. These are incredibly popular as a way to kill an opponent in PVP. Since you can deal a great amount of damage. Even more then what the players hitpoints is at.

Price of Dragon Claws in OSRS

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