Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find help here just message our live chat. We’re happy to help anytime.

How Does MMOearn Work?

How can a site give you truly free LoL and RS stuff? It’s simple, consider us the swagbucks of MMO games.

MMOearn provides over 1,000 things to do for credits on the Earn Credits page. Such as: Videos, Apps, Surveys, Services, Games and much more. Upon completing offers you will earn Credits. Use your credits in the Exchange to purchase RuneScape gold or Membership.

We strive to provide the highest quality offers from only the most reputable companies. Earning credits for that free LoL skin or RS membership is very easy.

What's The Fastest Way To Earn Credits?
That question depends on how you want to earn credits. There’s two ways.

If you want to go the 100% free route, which is 90% of offers, apps are your best bet. Some apps can pay as much as 1200 credits, for free. Creating a survey profile and following our survey guide can be very rewarding as well.

Signing up for trials and services that cost a little money can be the best way to earn credits. You can find deals where you spend $5 on an offer but get $10-15 worth of LoL, RS or WoW stuff.

Everyday new things to do pop up. If you can’t find anything today, check tomorrow you might find a great deal.


Will My Account Be Effected?

To date MMOearn has helped well over 10,000 people get free stuff in their favorite MMO games.

We have had zero complaints about accounts being banned or suspended. Don’t take are word for it though, do a google search for yourself. MMOearn provides gifts to users in exchange for credits. It’s no different then your friend giving you free riot points or runescape gold on your birthday.

Your account will be just fine. All items in LoL, WoW and RS are bought from the official store.


How Do I Get My LoL or RS product?

MMOearn supports three different games, here’s how we deliver your purchase for each one.

League of Legends

To provide you with free LoL skins, champions, riot points or rune pages we must be friends for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours we can gift any purchase from our League of Legends exchange directly to you. Be sure to leave your LoL account name in the checkout screen every order. Feel free to contact our Live Chat anytime to have us add your LoL account to our friends list. This way you don’t have to wait 24 hours for your first purchase.


If you order OSRS or RS3 gold just contact our live chat. We will arrange a location in game to trade over the gold to you. We pick free to play worlds, generally Lumbridge teleport.

For membership and runecoins you will also have to contact our live chat. We will send you your pre-paid code over the chat system. If we happen to be offline when you place your order, we will send your code via e-mail as soon as we’re online again.







I'm Missing Credits From An Offer I Did!

Unfortunately, the advertiser decides when you have completed an offer. MMOearn has ZERO control over when credits are awarded.

If you find yourself missing credits after completing an offer don’t panic. Remember some offers can take 48 hours to validate. Most validate instantly or within 1 hour. Please allow those times to pass before worrying about your credits.

If you find yourself still missing credits after 48 hours please submit proof to the offerwall’s support. Instructions on how to do so here.


How Can I Work For MMOearn?

Thanks for your interest in joining the team!

We are always looking for good people to join the MMOearn staff. You will need to meet certain qualifications to join however. Being a staff member at MMOearn is a big responsibility. Please use our live chat and ask about becoming working at MMOearn. We are very selective with hiring and are generally always fully staffed. Most staff have been with us over 6 months.