Welcome, here you will learn the absolute fastest Runescape 3 Gold guide for in-game.

MMOearn is still a much better source for super fast runescape 3 gold. However using this method you can play the game and level your account.

The method we will be discussing is killing Araxxi. First of all make sure you have at least the following levels to maximize your gold per hour. If you don’t have these levels it will still be profitable of course. Just not anywhere close to the amount you would get with these levels. Up to 10 Million Runescape 3 Gold an hour is possible.

runescape 3 gold guide

You will need the following levels:

138 Combat

96 Summoning

96 Herblore

95 Prayer

90 Crafting

92 Agility

Yes, this is the extreme end of what you truly need. You can kill araxxi with far lower levels. Just much less efficiently.

You should have the following items as well:

Araxyte pheromone should be used
High-level weapons (High-level range weapons for sure)
High-level Armour (Use the best armour you can, level 90 if possible.)
Overload and super restore potions will be highly beneficial
High health food (Using Saradomin Brews in combination with Rock tails is great)
Vampyrism aura or scrimshaw, any accurancy boosting aura or enhancement.
Off hand item. Such as a shield. Defense is important.

Also if you do not have these items you will die. That’s all there is too it. Araxxi is an incredibly hard monster to kill if you aren’t prepared properly.

Here’s the loot you can get.

0.042 x Spider leg (5,499,838.3)
0.0125 x Araxxi’s fang (1,851,862.9)
0.0125 x Araxxi’s web (241,754.9)
0.025 x Araxxi’s eye (241,982.9)
0.156 x Araxyte pheromone (292,876.3)
400 x Araxyte arrow (87,200)
65 x Onyx bolts e (526,615)
56 x Adamantite ore (65,280)
6 x Saradomin brew flask (6) (117,234)
6 x Super restore flask (6) (68,116)
581 x Coal (96,220)
1.25 x Magic seed (159,450.2)
25 x Black dragonhide (90,975)
20 x Battlestaff (142,900)
15 x Runite ore (175,080)
90 x Magic logs (58,140)
150 x Yew logs (27,750)
41,515 x coins
25 x Grimy lantadyme (81,700)
25 x Grimy dwarf weed (82,325)
25 x Grimy avantoe (63,800)
1.25 x Dwarf weed seed (1,323.4)
0.83 x Uncut onyx (1,388,921.6)
0.05 x Sirenic scale (31,706.9)
0.83 Rune platebody (30,166.4)
10 x Water talisman (56,990)
1 x Overload flask (6)

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These items are very common.

Araxxi has four stages

You must make it threw all four to get any of the mentioned loot.

Phase 1

At the start of this phase, Araxxi will only use his cleave, cocoon and cobweb special attacks. Two of the paths will be sealed by webs from araxxi, and the other will be blocked by large rocks. Choose your path quickly and light the web on fire immediately to save time while you are depleting his health. It will take 1 minute exactly to burn through the spider webs. Be sure to lower Araxxor below 5,000 life points before going on threw the path.

Phase 2

If you take Top Path during this stage Araxxor gains two additional special attacks. He can instantly spawn three eggs on the ground which explode after some time if player stands on them causing immense damage.  The second attack can spawn 5 lower level spiders which you need to kill before attacking Araxxor again, this attack can repeat until 20 spiders have been summoned.  Kill Mirrorback spider or Pulsing spider if any of them are spawned first. You can proceed to phase 3  at any time by continuing down the path; however, it is highly encouraged to kill off the reinforcement spiders he spawns and reduce his total health under 5,000.

Middle path –

You need to make sure Araxxor is lured to the pool of acid in the center to absorb it, then use his acid to collapse the large barrier you see. During this phase he will not be able to use his cocoon attack. Instead, it is replaced with the ability to spawn an acidic spider. If this spider explodes near you it can to up to 32,000 damage. Beware of this little thing or die. Also, Araxxor can be drained to at least 45,000 life points by the time the ramp breaks, without stopping at all to drain it further. However, we highly recommended you reduce his life points to at least 22,000 or 20,000 before luring him to the ramp.

Bottom path –

In the bottom path, Araxxor crawls to the ceiling, blocking out the light. The player must have Araxxor destroy the wall, which will have 100 units of health. During this part of the phase, the path will be engulfed in darkness with one small spot of light. At first, damage begins at 52 and caps at 353 or 455. This initial damage increases by 15 per kill during that day when the path is taken. While in the light, players will take no damage. After some time, Araxxor will come down and charge at the player, around 15 seconds after the warning.

When Araxxor swipes from the right, dodge right
When Araxxor swipes from the left, dodge left
When Araxxor’s front legs are low to the ground and spread, dodge up

When Araxxor’s front legs are pointing down and close to each other, dodge down
For the remaining phases, Araxxor and Araxxi have the ability to turn the area temporarily dark; they stop this after they reach a damage cap 100 lower than their maximum cap.

Phase 3

For this phase, Araxxor will copy the paths available to him. At the start of the phase, hidden spider friends of araxxor help heal his health. This lasts a little while until they run out of energy. The allotted amount they can heal is 80% of the sum of the remaining life points Araxxor had for the first 2 phases. If path 1 is still open then Araxxi will be able to summon more spiders. If path 2 is still open, then any remaining acid in the pool will need to be taken care of quickly or death will insue. If path 3 is still open, Araxxor will have access to his darkness attack lowering your effectiveness. It doesn’t matter what path is open or closed, Araxxor’s attack rate increases incredibly on this phase. Once Araxxor’s health is depleted to 0, the fight will advance to stage 4.

Phase 4

Yes! You made it to the loot!
During this phase Araxxi’s attacks are stronger than Araxxor’s and will change style depending on your prayer. Changing prayers is the most effective way to reduce the damage of Araxxi’s attacks. Araxxi still has access to the cleave, cocoon, healing web and spawning minions for the first 50,000+ health points of the fight. You should continue counting his standard attacks and casting Freedom/Anticipation to reduce the potency of her special attacks. At 25,000 life points, Araxxi will increase his rage by more then 20%, drain the player’s adrenaline by 49% of maximum amount, and release a dark sludge. The sludge seems to bounce around awhile before targeting the player. When it does hit you, it will deal rapid and powerful damage. Let the sludge hit you once and then move off of your current position quickly.

Once Araxxi reaches 0 health points you may get your loot like with any monster! It was a hell of a fight and you made it all this way. Hopefully you got the better end of the loot list, if not try again and again.

For every Araxxi killed during that day, Araxxor will gain 20% enrage at the beginning of each fight, which stacks as more are killed. So if a player is killing Araxxi for the 10th time, the fight will begin with 180% enrage. Enrage increases the damage that Araxxor can deal on the player and will affect profit rate.