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I too am voting for Johnson.

I think that both Clinton and Trump are wrong for the job for different reasons. While I agree that Clinton is evil, I would rather not have Trump as a president either.

Clinton is the type of person that will get away with what she pleases and will not be kept in check because she does so many shady things behind everyone’s back and her dishonesty is a bad quality for a president. She will do anything to be known as the first female president, no matter who it hurts.

Trump has a bad attitude but will be under a lot of judgement for it. He is the type of person that I feel does not understand our nation’s history. His views are very old style and he doesn’t have the type of modern thinking that a president needs.

A president needs to be honest, and has to have an open mind to make the best choices for the good of the people, not for the good of their bank account. They need to be someone that can hold their own against leaders of other countries and not end up with a target on their back, ( we do not need a wall to keep out Hispanics, they are not our nation’s biggest problem, and not all Muslims are horrible terrorists). A president has to give the voice of America back to the American population, not a bunch of political figures that, for the most part, do not deserve their spot in our government.

Johnson is the safest bet in this case.