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    holding a event for you guys – The person with the highest amount of active Referrals by the end of the month will get 10M OSRS or 50M RS3

    Anyone else who can prove to my self they are bringing in a decent amount of people to the site will also get a reward This Reward is from my PERSONAL bank and nothing to do with MMOEARN

    Any one who is part of this has to have over a TOTAL earnt of 500 Credits on MMOEARN to be Eligable.

    What’s the purpose of this?

    Well our active user count is dropping which means some of the dispensers are leaving not as many orders?

    As one of the Administrators on the site im willing to pay any person who is willing to help bring us Traffic, Users, and publicity!

    What do you get out of it?

    Well you will have more dispensers dispensing free gold to you guys! which will mean our up time will be alot higher!

    If you wish to advertise –

    Spam in runescape (not your main account as you will get banned)
    Post good reviews on websites!
    Follow us on twitter!
    Tell your friends!

    Do all these and if i notice you i will reward you!


    MMoearn Administrator.



    This is my standard level 3 look spammer named “MMOearn” and I spam while playing on my main account at world 301
    Here’s a picture of it in action!

    Generally I’ll be online around 1-2 pm CET (if I don’t have college classes during the day), if you wish to check me out.

    Kind regards,



    Hey, I’ve been posting on some forums that I am a part of and making videos for this sole purpose

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