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    Hi guys I really need some tips on getting credits for MMOEarn. I tried the methods posted on the forum but only the video guide works for me.
    Would be more than grateful if you can help me on getting more credits.


    Care to share your tips? Looks like you found some lol


    Well, I complete almost all paid offers on the site.
    Those that offer trials.
    You have to keep the subscription for at least 7 days tho.

    I also really purchased some products that I find acceptable such as sending flowers to my girlfriend.

    I used virtual credit cards on sites that sound sketchy such as geek, freester or etc. I also do research on the company’s cancellation policy or frauds before I signed up for the trial. There are some sites you really want to avoid.

    Hope that helps!
    Should be able to get you 2k+ credits.


    As for missing credits, Adgate customer service is terrible and all they do is keep delaying your requests.
    I was supposed to receive the credits for Draftking but they just keep making excuses every day to delay my offer. I even personally contacted Draftking to ask for proof for my completion of offer. I sent the proof to Adgate but they just simply told me to wait 30 more days.

    On the other hand, Superrewards customer service is great. They respond usually within one day and they will award you manually if you send adequate proof. Their offer provide less credits comparing to others but I have the highest success rate there.

    And also be prepared to lose 1k-1.5k credit because of inadequacy of proof or poor customer service.


    Good stuff, thanks. lol I’d never considered a virtual card. Thanks for the heads up on adgate and DraftKings


    It really depends on the country too though.
    I presume in US you get alot of offers and trials.

    In here I used to get a lot of offers to enter a mobile number to get a a confirmation code and fill a survey after that (sweepstakes, etc). So either google some mobile numbers you can use, or buy those cheap/free start sim cards to get codes (each number can be used once if it’s same offer company). I think I got like 1000 creds like that.

    Edit – Also +1 on the trials, unfortunately I do not get many of those offers, and some do not accept my cards at all.
    Also depositing on a Casino may be worth it for you. I did it once, when I wanted to play for 10 eur anyway, so even if I lose the 10 eur, I still get it back in gold. Win-Win.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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