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    This thread will most likely be edited overtime as more ideas come to mind.

    1) I’m sure you have already thought of this, but an MMOearn app on iOS Devices.
    – This would allow the users who own iOS Devices to access the mobile-friendly version of the surveys, as well as getting this website more exposure

    2) A Bar that tracks how many credits you have earned and how far away you are from achieving the next rank
    – This will allow users to track their progress and see which offer they should complete next to reach the next rank.

    3) Similar to, Mmoearn should have a few ‘dailies’ in the sense, if you retweet one of MMO’s links, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of credit, perhaps a 24/48 hour delay to prevent spam crediting.
    – Will give MMOearn more exposure, therefore a bigger community

    More will coom soon


    I agree. I’ve already spoken with admin about some of these.

    With iOS devices, there are many more restrictions and stipulations involved, so it’s extremely difficult to accomplish an app for iOS.

    Some kind of credit-tracker would be awesome. I would even like to know how many I’ve gained.

    More daily type of offers or giveaways would be fun. Maybe even something in-game, like competitions or something even. I don’t know. But I like this idea.

    mod| Homy1122

    another suggestion would be to change the color of the offline notification in the bottom right corner. on two occasions I submitted an order thinking that someone was dispensing because i saw the green bar on my screen.
    -maybe changing the background color to red, and saying “sorry! currently offline!”, others like myself could avoid this problem.


    Hi guys,

    I have just taken time to read through your suggestions and honestly they are awesome, so thank you for this.

    I would like to mention the IOS app, this is something the owner has personally discussed with me. We are very interested in making one but unfortunately it is more difficult, it does cost a lot more and Apple have a lot more restrictions in posting applications on the app store but we are looking at ways to get the app to IOS devices so stay tuned for updates on this!

    Also the app is not perfected yet and still needs a lot of work, so I would like to perfect it on android before making the move to IOS, if you guys want me to prioritise getting the app to IOS I am willing to do this but it means the app may be published with more bugs than planned it’s honestly up to you guys on this!

    Regarding your other suggestions I agree with most I think they are all great suggestions and I will be bringing each one to the attention of the owner. I personally think the credit tracker is an awesome idea! A daily offer would be a cool idea and seems like a good way of maybe expanding MMOearn further.

    I will certainly bring these and the rest to the attention of the owner!

    Thank you guys again for making these suggestions and contributing so much to MMOearn, we really do appreciate it.

    If you guys have any questions please feel free to ask me! 🙂


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    Variation when it comes to background color. White becomes really annoying on mobile devices imo.

    mod| Homy1122

    This isn’t a major suggestion, but I found it odd that a user needs to sign into a Disqus account in order to comment on news articles. Ideally it would be great if comments were automatically connected to a users mmoearn account rather than having to sign into an entirely separate account.


    Get this shitty update away now from exchange its not good at all

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