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    Hey guys,

    Im from Australia and its a little difficult to find descent offers and trials that aren’t scams.
    Was wondering if any of you guys have used a VPN or VPS service to complete any offers and if so was it succesful??

    Also anyone from AUS, what do you guys mainly do? is there any trials that arent dodgey scams


    None of the offers are scam, its simply the terms of trials if you dont cancel you will have to pay up.

    VPS/VPN are never allowed for completing offers as they will reverse as its using fake information.


    Most of the trials don’t accept my card or virtual cards :/
    It gets annoying, but thanks for letting me know never knew VPN/VPS services are not allowed


    Thats because virtual cards arent allowed either.

    They wont take that, vpns, proxies, vps, etc anything that is not your real information or card is considered fraud and usually detected if not the offers will reverse.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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