Free RuneScape Membership Is Just 199 Credits!

free rs membership

The cheapest price for a 1 month RuneScape membership ever. That saves you $9 for just spending a few minutes earning 199 credits. Just in time for the summer season, get your free runescape membership today.

The codes we offer are prepaid. Visit your jagex account and apply a prepaid code to activate your 30 day RuneScape subscription. If you already have memebership on rs it will pay for the next month! 199 credits is beyond cheap for a 30 day membership, that’s less then 2M OSRS and 10M RS3! Perfect for the free to play user who wants to get membership cheap and enjoy the many perks and benefits membership has to offer.

If you wish to purchase a membership we will accept 2M OSRS Gold or 10M RS3 as a form of payment. But earning 199 credits shouldn’t take you long at all, just make sure to read the earn credits page. Also, follow our guide posted here.

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