Meteor Storm in RuneScape 3 is back! Up to +100% XP

meteor storm runescape 3 bonus XP

Jagex has brought back the meteor storms for 2017. One of the best updates in the past few years. The meteor storm offers up to 100% XP bonus.

Working just like the traditional skilling lamps. That you may get from randoms or quests, that you use on any skill you want. These new meteors can be found around Treasure Hunter.

Collect Meteorites and space dist for bonus exp on skills. At the very least you will get +33% XP then a standard lamp. If you use the lamp on one of your lowest five skills you can get +100% XP boost! That’s amazing.

How to get your XP Boost in RuneScape

See that chest every time you login? It appears in the top left usually. Click the chest to open the treasure hunter mini game. Basically you use keys to claim in-game rewards. Every day jagex gives you new keys toward chests. Usually you get junk. Unless you buy keys. Then you may get something good eventually. Changes charges a lot for keys, getting 99 can take a lot of gold or irl money.

If you are thinking of purchasing keys. Now’s the time to do it. You can get way more exp for every lamp you get. Just look for the meteorites and stardust. Click claim for those. Use them on any skill you want! It’s super easy and really effective.

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