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The construction skill is highly beneficial to in game play. You can have free unlimited teleportation to anywhere. Recharge your prayer. Host parties. Fight Monsters. Fight players. Player owned houses truly are amazing and helpful.

Head over to a popular city such as Varrock or Falador buy a player own house for 1000 GOLD


Construction is arguably the most expensive skill in RuneScape.

Since the supplies needed to train Construction can be very expensive. You can train Construction whenever you want, but to make training quick and efficient, it is best to have a lot of spare gold to buy a large number of planks.
You will make so much more Gold when you have your player owned house as well as still be able to earn on MMOearn.
Working on construction can easily be done semi Afk. So you can still use MMOearn to get all the funds you need for your road to 99 construction.

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1-33 Do chairs in your larder

Experience needed: 18,247
Chairs to goal: 315
Plank Planks needed: 630
Time: 1-2 Hours.
Steel nails Nails needed: 630 minimum

33-74 Oak Larders

Experience needed: 1,078,031
Larders to goal: 2,246
Oak plank Oak planks needed: 17,968
Experience per hour: ~250k
Time: 6-7 Hours.
Cost ~ 7,474,688 GOLD

74-99 Oak Dungeon Doors

Experience needed: 11,938,153
Doors to goal: 19,897
Oak plank Oak planks needed: 198,970
Experience per hour: 400k-490k
Time: from 43.4 hours up to 59.7 hours
Cost ~ 82,771,520 GOLD

52-99 Mahogany Tables ( Not recommended )

Experience needed: 12,910,771
Tables to goal: 15,369
Mahogany planks needed: 92,214
Experience per hour: 700k-930k
Time: from 13.9 hours up to 18.4 hours
Cost ~ 189,868,626 GOLD

This method is by far the fastest of getting 99 construction on runescape! Sure it costs a ton. But having 99 constructions opens so many doors for in game use. Ir really is worth it.

Hope This Guide Helps! MMOearn Staff Team!

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