Have a Super Fantastic MMOearn Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving mmoearn

One of the most special times a year is upon Americans! If you happen to live in any other country besides the USA, you obviously don’t care. You have no reason to care, and that’s fine. However, for many Americans it is the time of year to reunite with family.

Often most people only see their family in November and December. For the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The rest of the year content is by social media or text messages. So this time of year is especially special.

Thanksgiving is the number 2 most liked holiday in America. Only beaten by Christmas. Because who doesn’t like Christmas? Basically no one. Even if you’re an Atheist you probably celebrate Christmas. For some reason humans just have a need to give to loved ones and people they care about.

Here at MMOearn we do celebrate thanksgiving. About 60% of the staff is American. The rest reside in Europe and Australia. So 40% of the MMOearn doesn’t care either if you don’t. However we must make some sort of post for our USA users!

We have big big plans for December! 

This can include a new daily credits system. Replacing the boring and tired 3 daily credits a day button. We will try and make it more exciting and engaging. Rewarding more credits as well.
Also we want to do a Holiday Promo for December. Rewarding you guys with more credits then ever! Stay tuned for more information.

If you actually read this far down, I wish I could shake your hand.

Happy Thanksgiving from MMOearn!