How To Earn Credits

Earning credits is easy if you know the proper ways to complete offers. Let us help!

Three Things To Always Remember

  1.  Use Google Chrome, FireFox or Safari when doing offers at MMOearn.
  2.  Always do more then the offer says for credits. By doing this you insure quicker credits and more validations.
  3. Disable Adblocker every page!   Ad-blocking software also blocks the software that awards credits. Offers lead you to new pages, remember to disable adblocker and refresh that page. It’s best to use a browser that has never had adblocker installed.


How To Complete Paid Offers

Paid offers are the best way to earn credits, plus you generally get more items for your money and a service!

Follow the instructions carefully for every paid offer. Make sure you meet the requirements to get the credits before spending your money. Paid offers can take time to validate before credits appear, please allow 24 hours before submitting a complaint. Always check if any adblocking software is enabled on the pages the offer leads you to, if adblocker was enabled on even one page it can cause you not to get credits.

How To Complete Surveys

Surveys are the trickiest types of offers to complete. Surveys are looking for very specific people who choose the answers they want. Remember to read and remember all questions and answers when doing a survey. You can generally tell what a survey is looking for by the answer choices for the question. Click an advertisement along or a third-party offer along the way and never skip anything or go to quickly.


How To Try Apps On Your Phone

Follow the App’s instructions carefully. Make sure you are choosing the correct offer for your device. Double check the requirements for credits, generally it’s for new users only. Make sure your phone doesn’t have ad blocking software installed. Offers will send unique links to your e-mail that you will use to download the app, make sure you have access to the e-mail you enter. 

Having Issues?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the support tab or on Discord! We’re experts in completing offers. We want everyone to get free RuneScape gold and membership!

Start Earning!

MMOearn has new things to do everyday. Don’t forget your daily free credits or our daily giveaway.