How To PK In Rs

We all want to be glorious pkers who make our foes kiss the ground with our gifted quick thinking and amazing capabilities which earn us a nice lucrative reward as our foes get sent back to Lumbridge. Let’s take a look at how to PK in Rs.
Alright let’s get back to reality. You’ve already made a ton of money on Now you want to use your newly earned money for some PK gear to be able to drop some noobs on their heads.

What Type Of Pker Are You?

how to pk in rs
First, you’re going to have to decide what type of pker you will be. My suggestion on how to get started on that is you look at your strong points and your weaknesses. If you have 13 mage and 67 strength you’re probably not going to want to buy some mage gear… Because let’s face it… You’re a pretty big fucking noob when it comes to mage.. You couldn’t pull a rabbit out of a dragon’s ass if you tried. But on the other hand you’re somewhat decent with your strength so, melee gear might be best.
As a melee Pker, you’ll want to have some sort of plate armor (whichever your defense level permits you to wear will work best) I suggest you buy legs, plate body armor, good boots and gloves. Once you have those you’ll want to have a main weapon and a special weapon to finish your foes off.Once you have your main gear I always recommend having at least some sort of hide to protect yourself. Those measly Magers who freeze you in your tracks.
Get yourself some good food, special potions and tele-tabs. Tabs are important for quick escapes.

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Entering the Wilderness

Alright Freddie, so you’re all ready! You have some gear, food, weapons and your annoying sister just left the house so you could kill some noobs in peace. You step foot into the wilderness and ask yourself… What do I do now?

Do I attack this skeleton who keeps wondering around like a lost hobo? No! Get your ass in there and start exploring!
Look for questers to take advantage of. Lost souls just wondering the wilderness with their full bank in their inventory or… actual warriors looking to fight. Once inside ask for a challenge or just charge them. And start hitting them while shouting their mom is a dirty dog. Just kidding we don’t condone any sort of bad language. Actually yes we do! Trash talk is the best way to distract an opponent but is also a great way to distract yourself and chances are you probably aren’t even that great so let’s stick to the basics.
Pay attention to your opponents risk and pick your opponent wisely, you wouldn’t try fighting mike Tyson if you’re a 130lb yellow belt in karate would you? Even if he was risking a million dollars and you were risking your lets weeks allowance of $5 right?

How to star a pvp fight properly.

Once you find a good match; pot up, say good luck and start hitting away! Keep an eye out on your health and take every opportunity to combo with your special weapon. Eat when necessary but don’t be a safer that eats to full health every time. That’ll just annoy your opponent and in return make them safe too.
If you are so lucky to beat your opponent, pick up the loot and get out of there ASAP! If you end up looting your opponent and a mager comes, tele blocks and freezes you then spec’s you out and you die losing your gear + your reward.. I’m sorry but that just the way the cookie crumbles! On the bright side, you probably never have to go back to the Yew trees; you can just jump right back on MMOEARN.COM and make bank again! It’s fast, easy and of course legit!! Hope you enjoyed our short little artlce on how to pk in rs.
Keep on gaming!

With love,
The MMOEARN founders