To work for MMOearn is a great honor indeed.

runescape gold

The roll of dispenser at is incredibly valuable to the site. You will give users of MMOearn their free runescape gold. To work for MMOearn is fun and rewarding at the same time. We only hire great people. You will have zero worries about the quality of people you will dispense with. Furthermore we are a tight nit community. Joining MMOearn means joining a group of friends. Who are passionate about gaming and helping others.

A big part of your role on MMOearn is to not only dispense gold, but help users.  You may get a private message from time to time from a user in need. Just make sure to help as best you can. Generally, it’s a simple question about how the site works. Yes, even though it’s clearly posted you will get that several times a day. Also, questions about getting gold is common. Furthermore the highest comment you will encounter is missing credits.

MMOearn does not own the offers users do.

Let me repeat that. MMOearn does not own the offers users do. This means we have zero control over when an offer validates and awards credits. To get RuneScape gold of course of the user has to get credits.  You must inform the user that we do not own the offers and they should follow our posted guide.  Yes sometimes a user may do an offer completely and still not get credited. Unfortunately all we can say is provide proof to the proper support.  Refer them to this page for missing credits. 

Always be friendly and understanding.

You will come across the angry MMOearn user who didn’t get credits and is cussing out the site. Please refer them to the previously mentioned guide and explain MMOearn does not own the offers. Never get combative with a user or use foul language. There’s no need for you to do this. If things get out of hand for a long period of time and you have fulfilled the previously mentioned things. Just ignore the user. Do not mute or ban them. The owner will handle all bans and mutes.

Requirements to work for MMOearn

At MMOearn we require no deposit or gold from you.  You do not pay for a position at MMOearn. Generally we make dispensers out of people who have been active members for a little while. People who know how the site works and how to do offers. The minimum gold requirement to dispense is 10M OSRS and 25M RS3. I can keep it this low due to the fact I can refill you everyday. However, having a low amount of gold could mean you miss orders when you run out. The perks for dispensing are as follows; 20% gold bonus on every dispense, player moderation. If you do an order for 1 million runescape gold, MMOearn owes you 1.2m RSGP. That’s how dispensers make money.

The job is incredibly simple and does not require your full attention. Just check back on the main site and order page from time to time.