January Updates To MMOearn!

We have quietly rolled out a few updates over the last 20 days. The first few weeks of 2017 have been great so far! We hope to continue providing free gold to whomever is in need. Let’s take a look at the updates we have pushed and will push for January 2017.

The most noticable update is our new MMOearn logo! We are beyond happy to have this new amazing logo for our site. The old logo was made by a graphics artist with no experience. The new logo is bad by someone with far better skills. We hope to hear good feedback about the new logo. It gives a totally new look to the whole site. A more professional look. The old logo was just thrown together. Just our name and a screenshot of a money bag. As you can see the new logo is a bit more complex.

Next, we move onto daily credits updates. First of all, we have made great strides to reduce the amount of leeches at MMOearn. A lot of people wee logging on and just getting daily credits. Everyday for weeks and months on end. Starting 1/17/17 we have taken great measures to reduce this. If over 10% of your order value is daily credits, gold will not be given to you. Keep in mind daily credits are there to reward people who earn credits daily. Also, doing daily credits 1-2 days in between offers is accepted. Depending on the amount the offer you do is. So far MMOearn has removed over 3,000 credits from daily abusers. You can buy a lot of runescape gold with that.

Updates to Come

Furthermore the new MMOearn offer page has been met with great praise! Get Easy credits everyday for liking MMOearn related things. You will earn up to 18 additional credits just for being a fan of MMOearn. The wall will be updated weekly with new things to do. Always MMOearn related.

Be on the lookout for new ways to buy rs gold! Remember you can get osrs and rs3 gold from MMOearn. A brand new offer wall is coming very soon! Superewards has joined the MMOearn team! The same wall found when you earn credits on runescape. We are excited to see what they can bring to you.