New to League of Legends Christmas 2017

Every year League of Legends gets into the full Christmas spirit! This year is no different of course, tons of great additions to get everyone in the mood this holiday season. Even if you don’t celebrate christmas the updates Riot Games pushes during this time of year cater to all beliefs and customs. If you don’t like christmas you will probably like the new toys, songs, animations and graphics that are all around the game now. Christmas time in League of Legends really is the best time to play all year. Even the players seem to be slightly friendlier, which as most of you know seems impossible.

This year LoL teamed up with TopSpinTheFuzzy to create a magical sing-a-long Christmas song and animation! The video is posted above for your viewing pleasure. It focuses around Santa Gifting Baron, a skin that’s now available. The song is basically alerting you to the season of giving. Riot games wants you to gift your friends with skins, champions and whatever you please! In fact the only way the Santa Baron Cookie icon can be obtained is if someone else gifts it to you for 1,000 Blue Essence. This can be tough time of year for people who mostly play by themselves. Luckily MMOearn is here to provide free league of legends skins.

Furthermore this holiday season League of Legends has released a Gnar and Snowdown plush toys! If you’re a fan of soft, fuzzy, ultra-cute stuffed animals you need to check these out. Start collecting all the plush LoL toys starting with the Gnar collection. Starting at just $18.99 you can grab one of the cutest little champions available.

Also don’t forget to look over the Snowdown Mini Plush set. Coming with three separate plush animals, take this family home and have some fun in the snow! Stack and stick your Poro’s using magnets to put them into any arrangement you wish. At just $25.00 it will brighten the day of all League of Legends players. Keep in mind free LoL champions can be found here.