lol newest patch 7.22

One of the biggest updates to League of Legends is here! Patch 7.22

Riot games really pulled out all the stops and went overboard for the newest 7.22 patch update. League of Legends has always done with thing well, that’s listen to their users likes and dislikes. This strategy coupled with constant analyzing of game play leads the LoL developers to deliver the best patches possible to the game. Other video game publishers should follow Riot Game’s lead with strategy.

First let’s start with some champion updates. Champions are receiving constant updates to keep LoL modern with other abilities. Even older champions can be completely redesigned like you will see in this patch here. The champions that have changed are as follow.

  • ¬†Ivern
  • Nunu
  • Ornn
  • Sona
  • Diana
  • Rumble

Each champion has received new abilities or has old ones taken away. If you plan on using these champions make sure you checkout there new abilities or you may just instantly lose a match.

Runes Reforged Updates

New to the LoL rift this preseason is Runes Reforged! An exciting new chapter in the League of Legends saga. Furthermore it provides amazing updates that we have all been waiting patiently for. You fill find new abilities and spells available to you in your Rune book. Starting with Resolve, we see a new defensive bonus making your champion more durable and resilient to attack. Next is Domination, providing a great burst of energy just when you need it. Archers get ready, precision is here providing improved basic attacks with more sustained damage. Last but not least is Sorcery, allowing resource manipulation and more powerful magic abilities.

Champions have had some major updates as well. Nearly all champions have gained more attack damage and base armor. This is important to keep up with new champion releases that make old champions less usable. Instead of forgetting about these once great champions LoL makes them better to compete with modern updates. If you want help on getting free lol skins checkout our site. Remember to dominate league of legends even with patch 7.22 you need free league of legends riot points too!