Making Money in RuneScape for Noobs Guide. This is for all you new players.

You can make RuneScape Gold with no levels or starting gp with most of these methods. You should review each one and see what’s right for you!

Let’s start out with the most basic, but good, ways of getting yourself some RuneScape Gold. (There’s always MMOearn of course)

Method #1 – Tanning Dragonhide Blue_dragonhide_detail

First of all Tanning dragonhide for gold goes back all the way to the dark ages of RuneScape. Dragons were in Runescape 1, however tanning the leather wasn’t introduced until later. It’s an extra step needed to make the dragonhide usable for crafting ranging armor. It is highly sought after by people training fletching. To get the fastest fletching exp occurs from creating various kinds of dragonhide armor. Although it’s very expensive to train this way, its quick so who really cares if you have the money to burn.

There are five types of dragonhide you may tan. Green, Blue, Red, Black and Royal.

Look over the average rates per hour:

Green Dragonhide: 2,700,000 GP/H

Blue Dragonhide: 4,500,000 GP/H

Red Dragonhide: 3,000,000 GP/H

Black Dragonhide: 5,000,000 GP/H

Royal Dragonhide: 3,200,000 GP/H

Due to the volatility of prices, this can change drastically check out all the difference between the dragonhide and the dragon leather.

Furthermore, this method is incredibly costly. You will need to be able to afford at least 100 dragonhides to start. Each hide varies greatly in price.

The best place for noobs to tan dragonhides in Al Kharid. 


Method #2 – Collecting and Spinning Flax

This method is another crazy old one, but still works to this very day. Also it’s simple and rather effective for even the newest of players. No levels or Money is required here.

Go to the best place to pick flax,  which is seers village.

making money in runescape for noobs

Visit the flax field in the lower right of the map. A bank is close by.

Then teleport to Lumbridge, go into the castle and you will find the spinning wheel on the second floor. Bank your flax on the top floor. Each run takes about 50-60 seconds.

You can make well over 300k Runescape Gold per hour here. This is more of a method for old school players, but Runescape 3 players may find success too. 


Method #3 – Drinking Wine.

Yes, believe it or not you can drink alcohol and make money…in Runescape anyway.

Making wine gives decent cooking exp and is fairly cheap. Generally, players buy empty wine jugs and fill them with wine. Then they will try and sell these wine jugs in the Grand Exchange. This is where you come in, you buy their wine and drink it! Then you sell the empty wine jugs right back to them. Truly is a perfect system indeed.

Furthermore hourly profits can exceed 400k. Get to drinkin’!


Method #4 – Farming Herbs from Chaos Druids

Killing Chaos druids is great for leveling up that noob account of yours and getting RuneScape Gold along the way.

Chaos druids are found in the Edgville dungeon, enter it just south of the bank down a ladder. Run until you can enter a small gate and you will be in the wilderness. Now walk a bit north west and you will see the chaos druids. There’s tons of them to pick from. Click on one and hope they drop a random herb upon death. Chaos druids drop basically all herbs used in herblore. You can see herbs incredibly quickly in the Grand Exchange.

Finally killing druids not only levels your account, but is one of the best osrs noob ways of making money while training.  This is a great method all around.


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