New Memorial To Guthix Runescape 2017 Update!

memorial to guthix runescape update 2017

Do you enjoy divination? Or do you just like to train it for total level. Either way, you will love this new update. Read all about the new memorial to guthix runescape update below.

As in normal divination training you will start to recieve memory strands. These are an important new type of item. That’s automatically added to your inventory.

You may use these memory strans on flavours of divine energy. That will enable you to activate 12 engrams which is an item found in the world which displays key memories from the life of guthix. After he eventually achieved godhood.

The rewards are great!

When you activate engrams you can receive many things. These can include increased xp from divine location. Also a cap on chronicles. Plus many more prizes. Be sure to check them all out at once!

As you can see divination is getting easier. With these updates it promotes users to play it. Since it doesn’t have much use in the game. Rs3 updates are far more common then osrs. Since rs3 is jagex’s future.

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