MMOearn is having some exiting updates this month!

mmoearn december updates

Where does time go? 2016 just flew by for me. Doesn’t seem like a whole year. It hasn’t been a whole year for us, since MMOearn is 5 months old. As a new site we are trying to constantly evolve and meet your needs. Our goal is to provide a better experience (and more free rs gold of course) for you everyday.

In November we pushed a few great updates as well.

  • We added a great new daily credits feature. Which users are responding to very well. Yes 10 does happen, it’s rare of course.
  • We partnered with a new advertiser called Adwork. Bringing more offers to everyone.
  • Updated our homepage drastically. The old homepage lacked what the rest of the site had; modern, simple styling.
  • Also, updated a few pages. Just new text and styling. Recurring users will notice the changes.

New Updates for December!

For the last month of the year we have some exiting things planned. These updates will roll out over the course of the month. Notice the ETA for each update. We love your feedback in the forums, you gives us great ideas. Every post gets read, your idea won’t be looked over!

  • New MMOearn Logo! No not a totally new logo. Just a winter themed logo for the holidays. Looking rather snazzy. ETA 12/4/16
  • Introducing our amazing new user referral system. You can now get 5% of the credits the person you refer earns. There is no limit to how many credits you can earn by referrals. This will only apply to new referrals after 12/3/16.
  • Next we are planning too add more partners to MMOearn. Increasing the amount of offers available drastically. ETA 12/15/16
  • Bonus daily spins! Every 100 credits you earn can get you another spin. ETA 12/20/16
  • New currency for free. We will be adding a second game to MMOearn. RuneScape will still be the main focus.


We hope you enjoy the updates to come :). Always post your suggestions here in our forums. No post goes unread! If you have an idea that’s good we will implement it. Anything to improve MMOearn for everyone. That’s the ultimate goal.

Thanks for using our little service. We hope you can leave here happy. Unlike the usual rs related sites.

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