Is MMOearn Real world trading?

mmoearn real world trading

Are you real worlding trading when using MMOearn?

This is the number one question we get here at MMOearn. Since it is asked everyday let us clarify this issue a bit with an official article. We hope this article enlightens you a bit more into how MMOearn works. MMOearn is truly a unique RuneScape related site.

MMOearn is not like any other RS related site out there right now. We do not accept money or let you gamble your coins to try and make money. Those sites are considered far more evil in Jagex’s eyes. RS believes sites that offer gambling are scams most of the time. It is heavily discouraged by them to play third-party gambling outside the game. Therefor, they take more notice of anyone who they may think is using that service. This includes any gambling outside of the duel arena.

Gold sites aren’t looked at as much as gambling sites. I’m sure Jagex sees there value. Real players who buy gold tend to play the game longer or are at least more serious about it. People who usually buy gold are paying for membership, so in Jagex’s eyes I’m sure that’s great. ¬†Gamblers can also be related to that as well. Jagex hates to get rid of longtime loyal membership paying users. They will do it for gambling generally though. They know gambling sites real world trade.

Where does MMOearn fall into RuneScape Real World Trading?

MMOearn does not do any the previously stated things Jagex sees as bad. We do not accept money for gold, and never will. MMOearn does not accept your RuneScape currency for any form of payment, not even for a dispenser position. Also, we do not host any gambling of any kind. All MMOearn does is give you free gold for nothing in exchange but your time. Comparable to how you can get gold in RuneScape, but far quicker.

No one has reported being banned from Jagex in direct relation to using our service. Furthermore, unlike gold selling and gambling sites. Absolutely zero accounts that we use to give you gold on have been banned. (Fingers crossed of course) However it’s been months and thousands of orders.