New Updates to MMOearn Soon!

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MMOearn is pushing some big updates this month. We always strive to push updates constantly, but have slacked off the last few months. That all changes this month, MMOearn updates in June will be big. Get ready for more free MMO currency and memberships then ever!

Old users will notice a few changes already. We have updated our logo to fit MMOearn’s style and purpose a bit better. Our old logo was fine, but didn’t stand out much and wasn’t very memorable. We will also be adding many more graphical updates this coming month. Mostly on the homepage, exchange and buy runescape gold pages.

A new chat system has been installed as well. Our old chat system, frankly, was garbage. Now we miss far fewer chats with this new system. Allowing us to deliver products more efficiently. Some users have complained of too many pop-ups, we will address this today. There will only be a pop-up on the homepage and earn credits page. We understand this can be annoying for our longtime loyal users. Please understand new users need as much help as possible. Pop-ups help them earn credits for OSRS and RS3 gold.

New Exchange System Coming!

Our exchange has been the favorite page of every user. Allowing you to quickly convert credits to your desired RSGP or membership. We want to expand the exchange to include many more RuneScape related products and possibly services. New products will be bonds, runecoins and possibly items. Rs items will be discounted compared to buying the same amount of gold. Items will be treated as more of a special. We will have an item posted in the exchange for a few days then switch to another item. RuneScape 3 and 2007 RuneScape will both be covered equally. We have never shown a preference for either game and won’t start now.

Lower Prices Coming Soon

MMOearn currently offers gold at a competitive rate, but we are not the cheapest. This is due to many factors, mostly fees incurred by us when purchasing/selling gold. We have worked hard to lower are fees by as much as 40%. Now we can match any other sites price on gold. Plus don’t forget we offer a 5% bonus if you spend more then $50. Pushing the cost of your gold down even more.