new epic skin mecha rengar

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New League of Legends Epic Skin Mecha Rengar

League of Legends has added a great new Epic Skins this week, Mecha Rengar! Epic skins always cost 1,350 RP, making its’ price mid ranged and available to most players. After being abandond by his creator and deemed inferior to an insect creation, Mechan Rengar can’t forget his predatory instincts. He longs for a long bloody battle, and only you can give that to him! If you’re low on riot points, MMOearn has free league of legends skins available for you instantly.

Rengar has been a favorite champion for many League of Legends players. He brought with him the first item to feature multiple names and icons. Plus his description and abilities share Alien Vs. Predator references for you movie guys out there. Rengar is known as the unseen predator, capable of blindsiding opponents and winning matches.

Furthermore his features include perks only fit for aggressive play styles. His first ability, Innate, while in brush or camouflaged mode allow him leap to enemies beyond the normal melee range. The bonus only last half a second but will generate one Ferocity after his leap. After reaching 4 ferocity Rengar’s next ability becomes massively enhanced causing even more damage. The hard part is building that ferocity. On top of the increased attack your speed is also increased for 1.5 seconds. After casting this you will be left with zero ferocity.

Also, we cannot forget Bonetooh Necklace. One of the most historic updates to the league of legends game. If rengar damages a champion within 1.5 seconds if its’ death you will gain a trophy. You may only gain one trophy per enemy champion, with a maximum of five available. If you want to earn league of legends skins for free MMOearn is there to help.