MMOearn will award credits now!

mmoearn logo 2

Soon we will be offering our own way to get credits. You will not have to do surveys. Or download apps. However, those will still be the main source of all credits for free rs gold.

First we will feature MMOearn’s social media. Posting our facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and pinterest accounts. You can then follow us and like the things we post for credits. Updates will be made daily too this wall. As new posts are made, thus earning you free daily credits. Social media won’t take long and added along with your daily credits can be a great source.

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Secondly we will offer credits for MMOearn content. You may write RuneScape related guides and blogs for credits. The longer the content plus it’s quality will depend greatly on the amount of credits we award. All text you send us will be sent threw a plagiarism filter. Crawling google and all major search engines for your text. Anyone who is caught plagiarizing will be banned from doing MMOearn offers.