Did you just join the amazing world of RuneScape?

new runescape player

If you’re a new RuneScape player checkout how MMOearn can benefit you! Plus learn a bit more about the game.

RuneScape is an amazing game. It goes back nearly two decades now. For us old timers that’s hard to believe. Most older scapers recall fond child hood memories of their first 99 or boss kill. Now that you are a new player, I hope you can eventually develop the same memories. RS is truly a wonderful game, millions have enjoyed it’s amazing game play.

If you’re a new RuneScape Player remember these things.

First of all remember that the game is 75%+ experienced players. So this means you will find players who don’t like ‘noobs’. A slang term for new players in RuneScape. However, most RS players will indeed help you if you ask them. One of the best things about RS is how friendly the community is. Try finding help in WOW or LOL and you won’t get anywhere.

Asking for help is neccesary a lot of the time to figure things out in-game. Even though, Jagex has introduced tons of updates to help new players. It will never cover every single thing related to RS.  Google will be a great source of info for you. I’m sure you found this article by searching Google, or you’re a hardcore MMOearn user. Rs can be a bit overwhelming at first. This article is specifically talking about RS3 players. Not old school. Most people who are new to RS play RS3 first and generally always.

RS3 is way more complicated compared to OSRS. In the sense that there’s so many more options and things you can do. OSRS is a very simple but well thought out game. RS3 is the kind of game where Jagex sees their future. So they provide constant updates and evolution to the rs3 scene. Which makes sense, OSRS is boring compared to most MMO games. It has a massive following due to the old time players and it’s economy. OSRS gold is also far more valuable then rs3.

Next, remember the game really never ends.

Jagex (the creators of Rs if you haven’t figured it out yet) constantly roll out updates. Rs3 and OSRS are constantly changing. More so Rs3 though. If you just joined RS3 today, it’s probably a slightly different game then it was a week ago.  That’s how fast jagex likes to make updates. I can get very annoying at times. Especially if they introduce a bad update.

Every 99 takes AGES to get in RuneScape. Literally hundreds of hours! Unless you buy EXP lamps with gold or irl money and cheat your way there. Even using automated software to play the game still takes the same amount of time as grinding yourself. RuneScape is an incredibly long game. If you think having 10 days played in call of duty is a lot. 9% of RS players have more then 100 days played. If you think about it, that’s rather insane. Personally I have spent 278 days playing RS. According to the wonderful player log. Which made all us old timers feel awful about our lives.

Also questions take a lot of time and are annoying as well. There are several quests that are incredibly difficult and mind numbing to do. For me, Monkey Madness was the absolute worst quest ever. I think a lot of people would agree the 3 hours it takes to do the quest is bad.

Quests are incredibly rewarding though, enabling great new things. New armor, weapons and items are all attainable by doing quests on RS.

Don’t fall into the RSGP trap!

A ton of players only play RuneScape to make Rs gold. That’s it. Not to gain levels, or meet new friends. Just to make some virtual currency.

Playing RS should be about having fun with new friends you’ve made and leveling your account the best you can.  Don’t fall into the making money makes RS more fun mind set. It really doesn’t. I had way more fun collecting coins from killing goblins to buy a black long. Compared to winning 100M+ staking or gambling.

RuneScape is meant to be an escape from the real world. Don’t let greed and vanity consume your rs life as well. Just have fun and enjoy yourself. Meet new, long lasting great people. Some of my oldest friends are RuneScapers. You could say it’s a place for all the quiet kids in school to talk freely :).