New RuneScape Poll Updates

The runescape polls have been around for ages. Ever since the game first got started. They serve as a valuable tool for player feedback. Jagex loves to know what we think of this and that. Surely you have seen a poll during game time. They are located in most banks and common areas.

New changes are occurring with the poll system now. Jagex wants to start providing polls for various types of users. Everyone who plays RuneScape isn’t the same. By introducing questions aimed at people with higher levels or longer game time will be very beneficial. Feedback from all parts of the community is needed to advance the game properly.

The current poll system serves its purpose. It can always be improved however. The current poll system requires a 75% approval rate to pass new things. That is pretty steep. Definitely a vast majority would need to one way or the other. Making cheating in polls harder.

The new system will require 70% approval

By lowering the threshold to 70% it opens up more play room with voters. If 70% of users want something done that’s more then enough.

Furthermore you will now be able to change your vote! If you decide to change your mind down the road, feel free to adjust your response accordingly. Everyone can change their minds.

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