RuneScape has added new Silver Jewelry items!

Hold on, did RS just add new useful items? No it couldn’t possibly be true. All previous new item updates just made old items obsolete. Now we can actually enjoy something totally new and cool! Without compromising old items. Let’s take a look at what they did!

silver jewelry runescape

The new update is a personal project between well known mods in the RS community.  Mods are people who actually have a say in how the game works and functions. What a neat job to have. The fine genetlemen who made this update possible have been around a long time. The Mods include mod Harrison, Dolan and Wolf. Taking feedback from the community, they developed what you will find below.

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New Silver Jewelry

To create the new silver jewelry you must do two things. First, combine opal, Red Topaz and Jade in a silver jewelry mold. This will allow you to craft the various pieces of silver. Then you can use magic to enchant the new items. Simply use the Level 1-3 Enhancement Spell.

Inserting Opal into silver jewelry can get you the following:

-New Ring of Metamorphosis available to hunters! Wearing the ring while hunting butterflies bare handed  can give you double exp.

-New Bracelet of Headhunter’s sacrifice. Sick name for sure. Also, it provides a incredibly useful power when doing slayer. You can get double the monster kills randomly. Reducing your time spent on bad slayer tasks.

-Necklace of the feather fingered. Amazing for all the thieves in the game! Take a chance at not being stunned when caught thieving. Take no damage as well.

-Bountiful Harvest Amulet. Perfect for all you farmers out there. A totally overlooked but useful skill. It will give you a chance to conserve seeds. Incredibly useful for making money with farming herbs.

Using jade on silver jewelry has great effects too.

-First a brand new ring of re-spawn! This new ring can swiftly teleport you to any of your unlocked home teleport points.

-Those who find themselves in the shades of Mort’ton can use the flamtaer brace. Allowing you to build a single wall temple instantly.

-Enjoy traveling to varrock, falador and lumbridge etc? Now you can teleport to a central location to reach all quickly. With the new Traveler’s Necklace. This can teleport you to the wizards tower.

-Finally a herblore amulet! Botanists can use a new amulet to create random higher dose potions.

What Red Topaz does to silver jewelry.

Furthermore, red topaz has some great effects. The Columbarium ring can give you a chance to receive the Sunspear effect. Everytime you kill Vyrewatch you will expend a charge, even if you don’t get the effect.

-The perfect slayer item is here! Enjoy Headhunters bracelet. It gives you a chance to not have your assigned kills reduced when doing a slayer task. Making tasks that make you money all the more profitable.

-If you are a fat slob you will love the Gluttony Necklace. This will allow you to get 100 more life points per food you eat.

-Boss killers will especially like the Enlightened Amulet. Teleport to Nexus, south of the graveyard of shadows and the Desert Bandit Camp. Perfect for training or boss runs.