It’s New years Resolution in Runescape 2017 Time!

2017 will be the year you stick to your resolution. Don’t delay it one more second. Don’t say you’ll start tomorrow or next week. Start this very second and stick with it. You need to use your will power. Every person has enough to change themselves completely!

At MMOearn we’d like to think RuneScaper’s are some of the best people. Many of us share fond memories in school, talking about the game endlessly. I know I did with some of the friends I still have today, 10+ years later. We are kindhearted and have tremendous patience. Training in runescape teaches you to be patient more then anything. That line in the store doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

For the new year pick something you really believe in. However, you should strive to be a healthier you in the new year. Even if it means not buying fast food as often. Or using the stairs. At least it’s something towards a bigger goal. Every step helps. Be careful not to fall back into your old ways!

New years shouldn’t mark a change ideally. If you want to do something have the willpower to do it right then. Don’t wait. Procrastinating only prolongs your problems. Try and get whatever you need done today and never quit. You will find you become a healthier you.

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