Nex Solo Guide 2017 – Best Method

Soloing Nex can be a challenge for even the best RuneScape players. Just one slip up and you’re toast. Even doing Nex with a team can be challenging so defeating this beast on your own requires skill, timing and a little luck. MMOearn will show you the best method to use against fighting Nex. Including the setup, inventory and specific techniques when fighting will all be covered. Our Nex Solo Guide for 2017 will cover everything you need to more to dominate with ease.nex solo guide


The best gear and inventory setup to solo Nex

nex solo setup

On your way to Nex this is the best inventory and gear to have. It doesn’t cost much and it’s really simple. As you can see by the requirements above this is high level gear. If you cannot afford the high level gear you might still be able to get a kill or two with some luck. Don’t forget 85 range is the recommended minimum.

Nothing much is required here since you can bank before entering Nex. One of it’s greatest advantages.





Gear and Inventory Setup When Entering Nex Solo

nex solo setup bank

Here is our recommended gear and inventory setup when trying to solo Nex. Make sure to keep everything handy and flexible. You will need to click different items fast. A good thing to do is have the same inventory setup every time, the same items in the same spots. All of this gear costs about 200M RS3 currently.

It’s easy to get cheap here and there but you have to remember you’re soloing one of the most powerful monsters in RuneScape. Being cheap can get you killed quick. Fortunately for you MMOearn is here to help with all your free runescape gold needs.


Best Method To Solo Nex 2017

Soloing Nex is about skill, starting off can be tough until you build a routine and system that works for. Use our system as an outline to forming your own. Taking bits and pieces of information to form your own unique version that fits your style of game play. We will be using range, if you haven’t notice by the gear setups already. We will use range to solo Nex becacuse we know Nex will never prey range the first kill. Here’s the best method to solo nex 2017.

First, dont forget your Glacor boost! Enter the Glacor cave with the DKQ Fairy Ring code. After you’re done there make your way to Nex and always start an instance. You will make an instance because as stated earlier Nex will never prey range on the first kill and we will be using range heavily. Another reason we will use range is because of the burst damage. This is a great advantage at Nex due to the fact each phase has rather small constitution. You will notice when killing Nex with more then one player a few fast hits can cause you to pass a phase is second. Soloing is a little harder. MMOearn is the only place to grab a free rs membership for Nex!

 Nex Phase 1: Smoke Phase

Sip your adrenaline potion and run over to the north-western minion, Fumus, target him and use the following.

Freedom → Escape → Preparation → Resonance → Anticipation

The order for these abilities is important because if you use freedom as your first ability to stall and stall your anticipate as your last until a second before she becomes targetable, you won’t get dragged for the first bit of the phase, and even if you do, because you used freedom first, your freedom will be back if you do get dragged.

Next target Nex, use your bleeds and pop off snap shot and tendrils. It’s best to save your rapid fire for the minions, if you can. Unless your snapshot+ tendrils hit nothing do the previously mentioned. Nex will charge now, try and use frag shot on her as she is getting ready to charge. Finish her down to 160k hp, and kill Fumus. We recommend using rapid fire on Fumus, if you do get dragged in, use freedom and get out of the middle. You can drink a brew while stunned if you click it in your inventory in case you got dragged in.

Nex Phase 2: Shadow Phase

Furthermore Shadow Phase is pretty simple – pray RANGE and use your thresholds to get Nex down to 120k or so constitution. Do not ultimate this phase yet. Use the same potion rotation as the previous phase, enhancing when needed. Try and save your potions until phase 3.
Her main special attack this phase will be shadow dots. Shadow dots are simply black dots that appear on the floor. If you’re standing on one, you’ll get dealt a significant amount of damage. Always keep an eye on the floor and avoid these when they spawn. The dots are designed to spawn where you’re standing so keep your feet moving. Shadow dots happen after every fourth  auto attack and after the original 2 she’ll spit out.
If Nex is MD to you for a certain amount of time, she’ll begin a rapid barrage of bleed hits on you. Freedom won’t clear this. The only way to stop bleeding is to get away from her until she stops going MD to you. The best way to do this is to simply sprint straight down the middle. She will stop using MD on you if you surge through the middle and you can continue dpsing her. The phase is generally over at this point anyway, the bleed hits aren’t much to worry about.

Alternatively, if you find that you just aren’t quick enough with your surges and she keeps on mding you, you can simply surge diagonally THROUGH the side obstacle (the pit as it’s known). This will make Nex walk around the obstacle to reach you, and if you’re on the other side, she’ll spin back to the middle and her md will stop. Causing a semi-safe zone for the moment.

In a nutshell reduce Nex’s constitution to around 120,000 then move onto killing Umbra. Kill Umbra while avoiding the pesky shadow dots to complete this phase.
Side Note: Make sure you maintain full adrenaline while killing umbra. You need to start blood at full adrenaline, depending on your method.

Nex Phase 3: Blood Phase

There are two main methods that can be used for blood phase. Both of which include using an ultimate. We will explain both in detail below. By this time though you will need to learn about pre-phasing. An important step to soloing Nex on your own.

Pre-phasing is when you start a phase of nex, and throw an attack at her while your previous attack is being channeled (most effectively done with an auto attack). Nex becomes invulnerable while switching phases. Any attack that you do right before she becomes invulnerable, however, will carry over into the next phase. The best way to do this is to use an auto attack to phase Nex. Use your snapshot while auto attack is in the air before reaching Nex, this is very important that it doesn’t reach Nex.

nex solo tip

As you can see above, i used my snapshot right after my auto attack goes in the air. Thus the damage will register when the next phase starts.

It takes practice to get it perfect. Just like the rest of this guide all you need is practice to truly become good. You can do this, and it is recommended to do this, for each phase. It’s just most important on blood because it nearly guarantees 1 siphon kill.

Method one for killing Nex during this phase is called Death Swiftness.

The important part of this is to make sure you use death swiftness while you’re killing umbra. This way you can build up to your snapshot to pre-phase like mentioned above. Stall the minion the best you can and use defensive’s to build if you have to. To guarantee one siphon make sure you have at least 60+ adrenaline stored up, or it might take more then once. The great part about this is that you can pre-phase with snapshot inside your death swiftness. Therefor the pre-phase damage will give a massive head start. This method is definitely faster, but not as reliable (if you miss a lotta hits you’ll have to do another siphon) as #2. I recommend using ds if you have your best aura up + scrimshaw/book. This is our favorite method for how to solo nex 2017 guide.

Method two for killing Nex during this phase is called Onslaught.

Our favorite part about onslaught is that you practically afk blood phase. You might as well go to the bathroom when doing this method. It is definitely slower than method one, but you’re practically guaranteed to get the phase in one siphon every time. because onslaught rarely misses. Kill umbra normally, then pre-phase with a snapshot. Build up to full adrenaline quickly, and when Nex raises her wings use snipe onslaught. The timing on this is very important and can only come with experience so that your snipe hits exactly 1 tick after her siphon ends. It’s not the most important part of this phase but it helps. If you wanna be safe, just auto attack  onslaught while learning until you feel comfortable with the timing.. The phase can be completed in one siphon if you pre-phased correctly. Furthermore recommend you onslaught blood when not on your best aura.

Also don’t forget escaping the blood sacrifice if you don’t finish the phase before that. Ignore siphon when using onslaught, as the phase will end before it hits you.

Nex Phase 4: Ice Phase

During ice phase, nex’s auto attacks will stun you if you’re not praying mage. Make sure to be praying mage at all times. She has 2 main special attacks in this phase. Make sure you did a proper pre-phase and stretch out them fingers you’re nearly done.

The first is called Prison: Nex shoots ice at the targeted player which stuns them in a prison of ice. The player can’t eat or use abilities until they use freedom (or anticipate before prison). After a few seconds, the prison will damage the player for up to around 8000 damage.

The second is called Contain: Nex shoots up icicles around her in a 3x3 area. If you happen to be standing in her area you’ll be dealt damage and stunned. Also your protection prayers will be disabled temporarily. Nex will also throw an icicle at each player that will target them and move to where they were standing when deployed (up to 7 squares).A special will always come right when ice phase starts so be ready. Which special she uses is tricky, it’s dependent on the last special she used on blood. If she used a siphon last, she’ll use a prison. If she used a sacrifice, she’ll use a contain. That’s easy to remember after a few tries.

The best way to deal with ice phase is dependent on what special she’ll be using first. Figure that out by using what’s listed above. The rotation is pretty straightforward, just thresh it out. With experience you’ll learn that you can stall the attacks by walking her in order to force a prison/contain first. For the sake of keeping it simple, thresh it out. Then go ahead and use auto attack snapshot, frag shot, corruption, tendrils, rapid fire. With sufficient dps on this phase you should never get more than 2 prisons. As you gain experience in fighting Nex you will not get more then one prison phase.

When trying to solo Nex, you should be tanking the prisons she throws. It isn’t proper strategy to use barricade. Due to the fact you waste massive dps and you risk getting stuck in an endless loop of specials. Take 8000-9000 damage then use your specials to stop that from happening. Then cast freedom, and use your food not pots to heal. If you want, you can switch to your shield inside the prison and use res to that when the prison hits you, you’ll resonance the first auto attack which isn’t much dps waste.

Nex Phase 5: Zaros Phase

Congrtualtions on reaching the final phase of Nex, your journey is nearly complete. Glorious riches might be just around the corner, or you might get a big pile of nothing. Hopefully your drops will cover the cost of doing Nex at the very least. We hope our nex solo guide 2017 has helped you so far.

During the Zaros phase, Nex will not use special attacks. She’ll  use magic and melee  attacks. More often then not prioritize going md to you, the only time she will if you’re not ranging. Her attacks will become stronger with mage hitting upwards of 4000 if prayer is down, be careful. Therefore, it is advised to pray mage at all times and tank her melee hits. SS flicking is advised only if you know how to do it. If not you might just die. This phase is extremely straightforward, as it’s pure dps (both from you and from nex).

This is the only phase to have a damage limit set on Nex. She cannot be damaged for more than 4000 per individual hit. Because of this, during the zaros phase do not use any good special attacks that inflict damage as it’s a waste of adrenaline. Most people use ds during zaros simply because they don’t know what else to use. There is a better way, dps during zaros phase. The best ultimate to consider during zaros phase is deadshot. Deadshot releases a very accurate shot without much damage potential. Insuring a good hit every time without wasting adrenaline.


We hope you enjoyed our how to solo nex in 2017 guide. We had a lot of fun putting it together and sharing our strategies with all of you. if you need help feel free to contact MMOearn staff and we can try and help you as best we can. We generally focus on delivering free league of legends, RuneScape and World of Warcraft in-game items though. Be sure to check that out.