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Fastest Melee Training Guide For Osrs RuneScape! Members version.

Get 99 Attack, Strength, Defense and Hitpoints.

Training melee in RuneScape is incredibly important. You will not be able to kill monsters or other players without leveling! Going up in level doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to know the proper techniques to training. Followed by the proper weapons and armor for maximum results. Fastest methods for training melee in RuneScape are listed below.

melee training guide runescape combat


Helpful Tricks

  • Always use the best weapon and armor your player can. To get the best hourly rates in osrs you need to be using your best gear. Design your gear around the monster you are killing.
  • Bring along an emergency teleport tab! Or wear an Amulet of Glory.
  • Lobsters can be the most cost effective food. Providing good health gains with little gold.
  • Don’t forget slayer is always an option. Training slayer can unlock amazing monster later on, and make money!
  • Potions can increase your hourly rate drastically. Using Strength and Attack potions are best.
  • Use the fastest weapon you possibly can. Don’t use a 2h weapon, a scimitar and whip is best.

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Let’s get started, levels 1 to 10 combat.

starting runescape account combat







Start off by killing the legendary Chickens! Hitpoints – 3

Found East of the River Lum, Northeast of Lumby. Also north of lumbridge castle by the wheat fields. No requirements needed. For new players only.

Combat levels 10 to 20.

runescape combat guide members osrs





Kill Cows and Cow Calfs. Hitpoints 8 and 6.

Cows may also be found in Lumbridge. East just across the bridge by the goblins. Cows are very easy to kill. While dealing little damage against you. Food is not even necessary. Picking up the cowhide can also be easy money while you train. Get 50k Runescape gold per hour.

Combat Levels 20 to 30.

melee training guide osrs members







Move onto Monks. Hitpoints – 15

Travel to the Edgeville Monastery, just west of Edgeville. Here you can find around 10 monks to kill constantly. Plus you can use prayer enhacements while training, since an alter is close by. Furthermore monks will heal you! Even though you kill all their friends.

Also Al-kharid warriors can be good for levels 20 to 30. When you attack one, all attack you. Making afk training a breeze. 19 hitpoints.

Combat levels 30 to 60.

best osrs training guide







Moss Giant’s are better then Rock Crabs these days. 60 hitpoints.

Yes, everyone says do rock crabs. However, that makes them extremely crowded. Plus rangers can setup cannons ruining training. Moss giants is the better option here. They will inflict more damage, bring good food and your best armor.

Find them in the varrock sewer. Rock crabs can be found in Relleka or Waterbirth Island. Maybe you can get lucky and find a spot there all to yourself.

From Combat Levels 60 – 99 You Have Several Options

Most guides will give you a direct answer on what to do after 60 combat. However there’s so many good things to train on from here on. Now that you have decent stats and armor.

experiment osrs training






Experiments are amazing exp. They have everything going for them. 101 hitpoints with a combat level of only 25! No food is needed. Just complete the Priest in Peril quest and Creature of Fenkenstrain. Two super easy quests to unlock a monster you could go all the way to 99 with.

fastest strength attack defense xp osrs






Killing yaks is better exp, but more crowded. Yaks can be found after starting Fremennik Isles quest. After completing the Frememnnik Trials. Even though they only have 50 hitpoints and are level 22. There’s a lot of them to kill within a small area. Bring good strength gear to boost hits.