What’s Happening with OSRS and RS3 Gold.

As many of you surely have notice, gold has increased in price on MMOearn. We have updated our shop to market rates as they currently we stand. We do update them whenever the market moves, up or down. We hope to bring the prices down as soon as we can. However, only time will tell when we can actually make that feasible.

MMOearn historically kept prices are 135 credits for 1 Million osrs, and 20 Credits for 1 million RS3. Now you can see the prices on our exchange are set to 149 credits and 26 credits. A drastic change indeed. Again, one we hope fixes itself in the near future. It’s very unlikely for the price to swing this much in such a short amount of time. Literally the price went up 25%+ in a single day. A sort of rs gold rush. A lot of people who had runescape gold did well for themselves.

d claws osrs price

The Reason Why OSRS and RS3 Gold Go Up In Value

As with all markets, there is always change in supply and demand. Given the different variables in the world this is almost always random. However, in Runescape’s case they control the price of gold. In a way. All MMO games that have a currency can easily be manipulated by the creators. Jagex simply released a great new update that added new monsters and rewards.

Dragon Claws arrived and everyone went bonkers. They are obtainable in two ways. The first is to win at last man standing. The next is to earn them in the chambers of xeric. The third, and best way, is to buy dragon claws. Just go to the grand exchange and purchase claws for around 100M-125M, depending on how badly you want them. That’s an awfully steep price for something that isn’t the best weapon. You are paying over 100M for the special attack.

The special attack may be good now. Since dragon claws were released a short time ago. Once more and more arrive into the marketplace, you will see them everywhere. Pker’s won’t have a massive advantage of poor pker’s anymore. The moral of the story is buy them now if you want to try and make money pking, or flipping. If you wan’t D claws for a long time just wait a few weeks. The price will come way down to a much steadier value. The new year started off poorly for gold prices. They shouldn’t how their value much longer.

Fortunately, MMOearn allows you to buy Rs3 Gold. Plus it’s fast and totally free. The only money good on MMOearn is your credits. Credits are free and easy to get. Just do one of our hundreds of offers located on the earn credits page. Message staff members via the that or community chat. We will help you get osrs gold and rs3 gold anytime!